Improve Your Workout With These Simple Tricks

Getting the results you want from the gym can be tough especially on our tight, daily schedules. You have to make every minute count so you can get the most out of your workouts. Take these proven tricks and incorporate them into your daily exercises for optimum results. Use these to get through your fitness plateau or just kick butt with every workout and burn fat faster than ever.


Listening to music really gets you in the mentality to workout. Pick some upbeat jams and crank the volume. Listening to loud, upbeat music has been proven to amp up your workouts and burns more fat. The calories will literally dance their way off your body with some proper gym jams.


When you are on the treadmill, elliptical or any leg workout stop holding onto the machine and get those arms moving. You are missing out on opportunities to burn fat.  Holding on stunts your workouts and will keep you from reaching your fitness goals.

Grab some light weights and pump while you jog. Most elliptical machines have arm bars to pump while you move.   Adding in this small movement can really drop the excess fat and burn some calories.


Get someone who is just as motivated or even more motivated than you to push you. Being pushed at the gym really helps you get those pesky pounds top finally drop. If you were able to just push a few extra reps out of each set you can finally reach your unattainable fitness goals.  We can’t do it all on our own but a partner can push you through the toughest workouts.


When walking, use your arms to generate energy that will transfer into your legs. Power walkers use this technique to get the added torque they need. Adding movement will only increase the number of calories burned.  Total body workouts need your arms to help carry the load.


Find your groove and stay there as long as possible. When you are jogging at your optimum speed, you are burning the perfect amount of calories to sustain a long run. Getting in this sweet spot isn’t easy but its better overall than most interval exercises like Crossfit, because it’s hard to burn out.


Inclines can add to the intensity of a workout and burn and exponentially higher amount of calories. It’s science but also common sense, running uphill is much harder than running on flat ground.   Getting up that hill also works different muscle groups than running on a track. Use this technique half the time and you will notice a huge drop off in your weight.


Adding weight is obviously a good way to increase your workout intensity. Just a few pounds can go a long way when you are doing stamina exercises.   Many people add ankle and wrist weights when they do free weights as well, any bit helps.


Drink ice cold water to kick start your metabolism by as much as 5%. Downing a few glasses of ice cold water is a shock to your system and forces calories to burn at a higher rate.