How to Turn your Tax Refund into Better Health

Tax Season is here and so are the headaches that that entails. If you planned everything out just right, you should be getting back some nice change from the U.S. government. What to do with such a nice cash windfall is the real question? Are you going to throw it away on something frivolous or spend it on something that benefits your health? I hope it’s on the latter.

The IRS says that the average tax refund is around $3,000 so how are you spending all that cash? Here are six smart and healthy ways to spend that tax return on your mind and body.


Join a gym

This is a simple and obvious way to spend the cash. Gym memberships can be pricey especially if it has al the bells and whistles. Why not join a huge gym chain and have tons of options across the globe to workout? No real excuse, so let’s get that butt in gear and join a gym. Figure out what you want in a gym, do your research and pick the right one. Take the leftover tax return and buy yourself some snappy new workout clothing so you can really stun at your new gym.

Buy new workout gear

Maybe you already belong to a gym, great, so let’s gear you up to stunt like a baller at the gym.   New running shoes, yoga pants, sweat shirts and of course new socks, all for your sporty fashion. It’s time to ditch those old stinky gym shoes and buy you some fresh gear.


Better meal prep

Meal prep can be so beneficial to your diet but can really be a drag, so why not pay someone else to do it. Instead of standing n your kitchen for an hour or so on a Sunday night, try a service like Blue Apron, Hello Fresh or Plated. These services will deliver fresh food to your door and all you have to do is cook it. Sounds simple enough so let’s try it. You can get deals for 3 meals a week for under $60 pretty regularly. Convenience is worth the price when it saves you time. As we all know, time is the only thing you can’t get more of.


New fitness equipment

Build up your home gym with some new fitness equipment. Tired of heading to the gym to run on a treadmill? Simple, buy yourself one for home and run in the convenience of your own home. You can get some free weights or maybe those trendy fitness bands. A home gym is a great investment, because you are investing in your own health.


Better juicer/blender

Upgrade your juicer or blender so you can eat and drink healthy all the time. Maybe you don’t even own your own juicer, what is going on in our world? Get that juice flowing and your health improving in no time.


Find your inner peace

Can someone say spa day?!? Treat yourself, you obviously deserve it and that tax return is your money anyway. A spa day or massage can really do wonders for your overall health. Relaxation is important to recovery and strengthening your mental health.