It ain’t easy feeling queasy. Nausea is no fun. Odds are, if you’re feeling nauseous then you are probably willing to do anything or pay anyone to no longer have to feel that way. So if you’re like most people, you run to the store and splurge on any anti-nausea medication you can get your hands on, a couple of Gatorades, some sparkling water, some juice, some Powerades, six boxes of tea and some Vitamin Waters.

Fluids are always a great idea to help you when you’re feeling queasy, but you may not know that you’re actually buying the wrong nausea medicine causing you to fix your screwy stomach a lot slower than if you used the right medicine. So next time your tummy hurts, don’t just run into your local pharmacy and grab the first medicine that says it’s anti-nausea, identify the type of nausea and treat it the right way with these sure-fire nausea remedies.



I have motion sickness, what medicine should I buy?


So you just took a windy 37-hour bus ride and you sat in the back by the overflowing bathrooms and you decided to read a book the whole time. Now you’re feeling like you want to spew but you have to walk down the aisle at your own wedding in an hour. What medication should you choose so that you can possibly enjoy your wedding day? Dramamine, although this drug usually works best if you take it before the ride, popping it after will still help you out. Dramamine is an antihistamine and a mild-sedative so you’ll feel nice and calm on your wedding day.


Achoo! I caught the flu, what medicine should I buy?


If you were swapping spit with a  snotty stranger last night and the flu has you feeling pukey, then ibuprofen is the best remedy for you. Popping some Advil or Motrin will help with your headache, fever, and pain which may actually be the causes of your nausea, and once you do that, you will still have the flu, but at least you’ll feel a little less pukey.




My head is killing me, what medicine should I buy for this migraine?


If you lost your kickboxing tournament last night and now you have a migraine then you may have nausea associated with your migraine as well. If you catch migraines then keep some Excedrin around, because it not only contains pain-relievers but it contains caffeine as well, which works wonders on migraines. Stopping the searing pain of a migraine is the only way to stop accompanying nausea as well.




I ate something bad and now I have food poisoning, what medicine should I buy?

Pepto Bismol.

So you ate some shrimp off a gas station floor and now you have food poisoning. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait it out, which sucks, but you can make your time a little less dreadful with the help of Pepto Bismol. Pepto will help with some gas and diarrhea and nausea so it can be a bit more bearable while you wait this thing out. Don’t forget to drink fluids too because diarrhea and vomiting mean a lot of fluids are leaving your body.