How To Strengthen And Tone Your Legs All On Your Own

Summer is just around the corner. Which means shorts/skirt/bikini/you-name-it season is upon us. And if you’re anything like me and are almost bursting out of your favorite pair jeans, then follow this simple, equipment and membership-free plan to get leaner legs just in time for summer. 

This active workout plan focuses on a variety of intense bursts of activity and slow moments of recovery. More specifically, some of the elements, like lunges and leaps will do so much more to tone your leg muscles than just running alone ever could. The plan in total contains 6 steps that should be done for 60 seconds each, with 30-second breaks in between. Here we go…


Just look at this as a warm-up. Jogging gets your legs and whole body ready for the real workout that’s about to come. So saving energy is definitely important here. If you don’t want to jog, any light cardio will suffice.


After your 30-second rest, break out into an all-you-got sprint. Don’t kill yourself, but don’t hold back either. Be sure to maintain your pace and intensity for the entire 60 seconds. And have fun with it! Running like you stole something can be very, very fun.


Lunges are one of the best workouts you can do for your legs. Start from a basic standing position, then take a step with either leg, with the other leg remaining in it’s starting position. Lunge out until your hamstring is parallel to the ground. Hold that for a beat, then return to your starting position and begin alternating legs for 60 seconds.


You don’t have to say “how high.” But start jumping anyway! The specific technique isn’t all that important. But, again, just make sure you maintain the same degree of intensity throughout the 60 seconds. And be careful not to push to hard and take care of your precious ankles.


Similar to the jumps you just did, the specific way in which you sidestep is of little importance. But if you really want to get a good burn going in this step, try to squat as low as you can while you do it. This will get those leg muscles working extra hard.


You’re almost done! We’re on the home stretch now. I know you’re legs are burning but put in another 60 solid seconds of sprinting here. Your legs will likely feel like jelly and you’ll think you couldn’t possibly sprint… but you can. Push yourself. You can do it.


And then we give our body a nice little cool down with another soft jog. Take your time, here. This is all about letting your body begin recovering from the beast of a workout you just put in. But stay focused and make sure you still keep your pace for 60 seconds.

And that’s it! This is a great workout if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to push yourself and get those legs nice and firm. Enjoy!