How to Snack Smart and Stay on Your Diet

Snacking always gets a bad reputation because we are usually choosing the wrong type of snacks.   Losing weight is not easy and starving yourself is not the best approach, so let’s learn how to snack healthily and smart. Why starve yourself when you can snack and stay on your diet? This guide should help you form healthy snack habits while learning what are the best choices.


Can I Snack on my Diet?

We need to change the connotation behind the word snack. It doesn’t have to be an unhealthy treat that derails your diet; instead, it can be a beneficial sustenance that keeps your energy levels high. Don’t swear off treats in general; use them to keep your body full of zest for all your daily adventures.

As long as you are eating nutrient rich foods with little to no sugars and fats, then you are doing fine.


Choosing Healthy Snacks

When we are hungry, there is little rationale behind your cravings, so it’s important to plan ahead and have healthy snacks prepared. If you are trying to lose weight, you should already be meal planning, so include some snacks in your meal prep.


Why Snack

Snacking keeps your energy levels high and will stop you from having hunger pains related to starving yourself. Our bodies are like engines and they need fuel to operate properly, so feeding them quality snacks is important.

Don’t eat if you are bored or trying to kill time, that is not the right reasoning. Also, avoid stress eating and mindless eating.


Eat before you are Hungry

Don’t wait until you are starving before you nibble on something, then you might as well eat a healthy meal. Plus, when you are really hungry and mad or “Hangry,” all rationale about your diet is out the window and you must cure these hunger pains.


Snack Slow

It’s important to snack slow and be mindful of what you are eating. Try not to gorge yourself with food, chew properly and eat slowly, your body needs time to tell you that it is full. Fill up on water in-between bites to really stretch a snack out.


No Junk

Why even keep junk food in stock in your cabinets when you are trying to lose weight. Get that bad stuff outta there and take the willpower out of your diet. Out of sight, out of mind.


Skip the Fat-Free/Sugar-Free

Try and avoid those snack foods that are labeled “Fat-Free or Sugar-Free,” because they are usually filled with terrible replacements for the fat and sugar. No need for artificial sweeteners or weird fat substitutes, just eat less of those bad foods.


Portion Control

If you want to snack on chips, that’s totally fine as long as you use portion control. Know how much you are actually eating calorie wise and be smart. Don’t take the entire bag of chips to the couch, instead, use a bowl and measure exactly how much you feel comfortable eating.


Unlimited Healthy Snacks

Now when it comes to healthy snacks, no need to portion them out. Eat as much celery as you want as a snack, that stuff is like eating air.

Snack smart and the weight will still come off on your diet