How To Nail Your Phone Interview

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, phone interviews are more popular than ever. They make it much easier to interview more applicants in less time. Because of this, more often than not they’re very short and sweet. Which makes it very easy to fail them miserably!

But don’t let the pressure get the best of you. It’s really not all that hard to give a great phone interview. Just stay calm, stay focused, and follow the simple tips in this article. It’s easier than you think!


Again, these calls are essentially very simple. The recruiters on the other line really don’t need to hear all that much. All they really want to know is your experience and why you’d be good for the job.

It’s usually best to try and prepare a little pitch beforehand explaining your goals for your career and why this job appeals to you. This pitch should be five minutes TOPS. Just focus on the greatest hits of your working history so far and how it relates to this particular job.


This shouldn’t be a new idea to you. These recruiters definitely want to hear that you are excited about the job. So let them know you’re excited! Usually, the person on the other line is an expert at reading people, even if it’s only from hearing their voice.

Don’t bring up secondary perks like benefits or great office snacks, focus on how much you’re excited to work for the company or do the specific job. But be careful not to fake it and oversell your excitement. Recruiters will definitely see right through that!


In most cases, you’re only getting the phone call because the recruiter has already seen your resume. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about your qualifications on the call. They still want to hear why you think you’re qualified and why you think you’d be great for the job. So let ‘em know! This person already thinks you might be right for the job, so prove them right.


In some cases, you might get a phone interview when you’re probably not right for the job. That’s ok! It happens, and it’s not something you should take personally. Maybe you’re just not qualified enough, yet. Maybe it’s just not a world you would excel in. 

But don’t overthink this. Especially if you’re already going into the phone interview thinking you’re not qualified. Do your due diligence, research the company, and be prepared to be enthusiastic and talk about whatever qualifications are relevant.


This is huge. A lot of people will try too hard to impress a recruiter or stand apart. But just be yourself. The best way you can stand apart is to show the recruiter your best self. If you’re being fake or forcing reliability at all the recruiter will see right through it.

More than anything, keep it professional. Don’t overstep your bounds or assume too much. This is still an interview and you still have to act accordingly. A simple rule to remember: if you wouldn’t say it to your current boss, don’t say it to the recruiter.

And that’s it, folks. See, I told it was easy! Just focus on these simple tips the next time you get a phone interview and you will only increase your chances of getting the job. Good luck out there!