Getting in shape and finally getting healthy is a goal many of us have, but few follow through. Everyone has their own excuses but I’m not here to hear any of them, instead I’m here to help motivate you. People of all sizes need to get healthy, there isn’t some predefined version of health, and it’s a case-by-case basis. If you are plus sized then I guarantee that you have come up with excuses as why you can’t get healthy, and I’m here to tell you they don’t hold up. If you are plus sized and really want to better yourself by getting healthy, we can help. These tips will help you reach your fitness goals no matter your size or fitness levels.


Find motivation

Starting a fitness plan is never easy and the first step always begins with motivation. Why do you want to get healthy? This is your main source of motivation. For me it was my wife and family, I realized that living an unhealthy lifestyle will cut my time with my loved ones short and I didn’t want that. Everyone has his or her own source of motivation so find yours and use it to fuel your journey.


Set small, attainable goals

Getting in shape and living a healthy life isn’t easy so make your goals attainable to keep your spirits up. Set small incremental goals that you can reach every few weeks to keep your motivation strong. This is a crucial aspect to reaching your ultimate fitness goal. Many people make the mistake of setting these huge goals like losing 100 pounds or dropping 20 dress sizes. These are attainable goals but it will take you a longtime. The key to staying motivated is reaching these small goals and giving you confidence.


Never Underestimate Your Abilities

Stop looking at a scale every day because that will only motivate you when you are losing weight and most of us will have plateaus. Keep yourself positive by trusting in your abilities and monitoring how you feel overall. Your fitness will continue to increase even if you stop losing weight momentarily. Just because you are plus sized doesn’t mean you should ever doubt yourself.


No Workouts are too hard

No workout is off limits because of your size; you can do anything you set your mind to. Your body type won’t stop you from trying a new routine or exercise, only your mind will. Stop allowing yourself to get into your own head, humans are incredible beings and we are all stronger than we think. Mind over matter my friends, if you dream it, you can do it.


Technique is everything

Technique is the difference between getting a good workout and seriously injuring yourself. Too often people have bad technique and end up with a serious injury. Those injuries can seriously derail a motivated person, sop stay on track and use the right form.


Proper Workout gear

Buying the right workout gear not only motivates you to go to the gym and workout, but it helps you workout properly. I see people at the gym in jeans all the time and I always wonder what the heck they are thinking. Buy yourself a few workout outfits and wear them, you will notice a huge difference.


Forget the scale, get healthy

Stop checking the scale and you will find it easier to get fit. When you plateau and stop losing weight momentarily you can seriously lose motivation. Instead of a scale, use how you feel as a way to check your motivation. Maybe you run a little further faster or you notice you are out of breath less; these are all signs of improved fitness.


Use this guide to help you find your fitness path, good luck friends.