How to Fix Your Biggest Salad Mistakes

When you want to be healthy then the obvious choice for a meal is a salad. Nothing like eating a nice bowl of veggies to make you feel like you’re doing an amazing job taking care of your body. But if you’re going to go for it and eat a salad then make sure it really is as healthy as you think it is. The last thing you want to do is eat something you think is healthy but have it pack on the pounds. What a waste of a meal!

So, if you want to make sure the salad you’re eating is just as good for you as you think it is then don’t make these easy to avoid mistakes.


When making salads a lot of people use protein as an afterthought, or they put a little too much thought into the protein and not enough on the vegetables. You don’t want to eat a salad of just lettuce because that will leave you hungry fifteen minutes later. However, you also don’t want to throw a 64-oz steak on top of a couple of leafs of lettuce either, because that’s just a steak with some leafy greens underneath. The right amount of protein varies based on your personal exercise routine, but a good base level is half a cup of plant-based protein like beans or lentils or 3-ounces of animal-based protein like chicken or salmon.


There are plenty of delicious vegetables out there, so why when you’re making lunch are you just throwing some iceberg in a bowl and dousing it in the dressing? That is not a healthy salad, that’s just mostly water and fiber. Water and fiber are good for you, but if you’re eating a salad you should get plenty of vitamins and minerals as well. Make your meal a colorful masterpiece by adding two cups of beautifully colorful vegetables like tomatoes, red onions or purple cabbage.


You should never butter your salad. That’s at least a good starting point when trying to stay healthy. I don’t know if people do that, but a lot of people do add too much fat by throwing bacon bits in there with half a bottle of ranch dressing. That’s too much fat and that makes your salad unhealthy. What’s the point of eating a bowl of vegetables if it’s unhealthy? Your salad should have some fat in it, but healthy fats like avocados and extra-virgin olive oil.



If your salad doesn’t have any starch in it then you just won’t have that much energy. If you’re looking to give yourself an after lunch boost then be sure to throw in some quinoa or corn to help give yourself some energy so you can feel like the superhero you want to feel like after chowing down a salad.


A lot of people don’t like to eat salads because they’re just bland and if you want them to taste good you have to add a lot of unhealthy stuff to them. Well, that’s just not true, you can add cilantro or basil or even some spicy guacamole to help give your salad some zip and make you want to eat salad over and over again.