How to Eat Healthy at Restaurants

Restaurants have long been the Achilles heel to anyone trying to stick to a diet, until now.   Quit throwing away your diet when eating out with this simple and easy to follow guide to eating healthy at restaurants. One meal at a restaurant can easily be over 2,000 calories, which should be our daily caloric intake. Time to take our social lives back, no more cancelling dinner plans because we don’t trust ourselves. Let’s eat out and enjoy our lives again.


Preview the menu

Thanks to Yelp, you can check out the menu way before you even get there. This is a great way to take your time and actually chose something healthy. Most menus don’t have the caloric information on them but many websites are devoted to bringing this information to the public. Search out the restaurants name and calorie and you should find some useful info.

Healthy snack before

There is no rule that says you can’t have a handful of almonds before you go to a restaurant. When you are hungry, you make bad choices, period. A small snack before dinner will make you order less food and keep your diet in check.

Try not to wait all day before eating either, if you are starving, you will eat poorly and regret it later.

You chose the spot

If you pick the restaurant, then you can make sure that they have healthy options. Steer your friends to a place that has some alternative choices for you. Maybe they want to eat healthy too, so float the idea to them first.

Veggie sides

Veggie sides are a great way to eat healthier. Skip the main entrees’ as they are usually covered in butter and full of calories. Order a few veggie sides and call it a meal.

No apps

Appetizers are just added calories and they usually aren’t very good for you. Most apps are fried or just plain unhealthy. Don’t matter if you are starving, you can wait a few more minutes. 

No bread

Stay away from the free bread, it’s dangerous. You can’t just eat the bread, you need to put butter on it too, that’s how they get you.

Split your meal

Most meals at restaurants are just calorie bombs; so instead of eating a whole one yourself, maybe split it with a friend. It’s not only better for you but also cheaper. I love saving money and this is a great way to do that.

Just water please

Don’t waste calories on sodas or any other drink. Water is the best drink in the world and our lifeblood. Resisting the urge to get a soft drink or alcoholic beverage will save you 200 calories minimum. This is a great way to cut calories in general. A nice glass of water with lemon in it can refresh you better than anything else anyway.

Dressing on side

Salads are usually the way to go when counting calories at a restaurant, but that dressing can really trick you. The kitchen will dump that dressing all over your salad and you have no idea how much they actually put on there. Best practice is to ask for the dressing on the side, or do what I do, bring my own homemade dressing. 

Eat smart at restaurants and you can take your social life back.