How to Cut Calories from your Coffee without Losing Flavor

If you are like me, you can’t get your morning started without a stiff cup of coffee. The only problem is most of these coffee drinks we have from shops are loaded with sugar, fat and calories. Coffee on it’s own is basically a zero calorie drink that wakes you up, gets your metabolism started and helps you focus. So why are we adding all these empty calories to an already perfect drink? Let’s look at ways to reduce calories without losing all those delicious flavors.


Less Sugar

Alright, first things first, let’s cut down on sugar. If you are trying to lose weight, cutting out sugar is an amazing start and is actually easy. There are many things you can add to coffee to replace the sugar you just ditched. Try adding cinnamon to your morning brew and you won’t miss the sugar. Cutting back on sugar also reduces the risk of diabetes and other health issues related to the sweet stuff.


Less Cream

Cut back on the cream or ditch the white stuff completely. I stopped adding milk in my coffee and switch to milk alternatives like Almond and Soy. These cut out the bitterness of strong coffee and make the taste so much better. Adding cream or half n half will pack on those pounds especially if you are not adding any exercise to your daily routine.


Lighter Brews

If the bitterness of coffee is getting to you, try a lighter roast. These are less bitter and you’ll need fewer additives to make your drink tasty. Drinking a lighter brew doesn’t have that much less caffeine than darker brews. You won’t lose any pep in your step, you’ll just have a healthier drink.


High Quality Coffee

Stop buying the coffee that’s always on sale, instead, invest in a higher quality bean.   Not all coffee is created equally so search out to find the best beans out there, the price difference isn’t too noticeable, but the flavor is.


Wash your coffee maker

Too often we neglect the small things like cleaning our coffee maker, which can seriously affect the flavor. Bacteria, and gunk can build up in your maker and you won’t even see it, so try and clean them after each brew. Every few months it’s good to deep clean your maker with come vinegar so you can clean all the parts. Just make a solution of 25% vinegar and 75% water, run this through your maker and then run a few of just water.


Freshly roasted beans

The fresher your beans are the better the taste. Beans are best between two days and two weeks after roasting, so get them fresh for optimum flavor.


Grind your own beans

Freshly ground beans also tastes better than the pre ground stuff. Grinding releases flavors and scents and both are crucial to a good cup.


Follow these simple steps and our morning brew will be flavorful, healthy and low on calories.