How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Traveling is great, but getting sick on your trip can be a real drag. You worked so hard to take time off from your job and you spent so much money on this amazing vacation the last thing you want is to spend your whole trip lying in a hotel bed ralphing into the wastebasket. You want to get out and explore on your vacation which means you need to stay healthy and virus-free.

Most people don’t know that there are a few things you can do that can cut down on the chances of you getting sick drastically when you’re on vacation. Our team of health experts decided to pass along four easy tips that are sure to help keep you rolling and not ralphing the next time you travel.


Always drinking bottled water when you travel will ensure that your water is never full of harmful bacteria and will help you avoid the nasty effects that drinking contaminated water can have on your body. If a bottle of water is opened before you sit down at a restaurant then don’t drink it because there is a good chance that they just filled it up at the tap, kindly ask for a new bottle for your meal even if it costs a little bit more money it is always worth it.

Staying healthy is worth the extra bit of money every time, because if you catch something like Montezuma’s revenge then there is no amount of money you wouldn’t pay to get rid of that awful sickness.


If you think you might have trouble finding bottled water when you travel on your trip then be sure to pack iodine pills beforehand. All you have to do is throw a pill into the water you want to drink and then voila it is good to go. There are also a lot of great options for water purifiers that are great options for on the go.

Check the internet and find a convenient option that works best for you and use it to make sure you are drinking clean water. If you haven’t figured it out by now, clean water is very important to stay healthy.


This is one time when Homer Simpson was right. You don’t win friends with salad when you’re traveling. Raw vegetables are usually washed with tap water which can make you very sick. You can be drinking all the clean water in the world, but once you eat some raw vegetables that have been rinsed in contaminated water then you can kiss all your hard work goodbye. Always eat cooked vegetables to avoid getting that contaminated water in your mouth.


Your doctor will gladly write you a prescription for an antibiotic for you to use when you get sick. Pick up some prescription antibiotics before you head out on your trip just in case you do get caught with one of these awful illnesses so that you can take the appropriate actions to help recover and get back to enjoying your awesome trip.