How the Potato Diet Helped Penn Jillette Lose 120 Pounds.

Everyone knows Penn Jillette from his comedy/magic team of Penn & Teller, but did you know he recently lost over 100 pounds on the potato diet.  A diet where you only eat plain potatoes for an extended period of time, that sounds crazy. The magician who is famous for making things disappear performed a magic trick on his body and now looks and feels fantastic.


Penn is a 6-foot 7-inch man who weighed over 330 pounds and was living an unhealthy lifestyle. His doctors found that Jillette had serious blockage in his arteries and gave him an ultimatum, lose weight or die. With this scary news, he decided to make a major change so he could see his two children grow up, so he turned top the potato diet. Under strict doctor supervision, he tried the controversial diet where he would only eat plain potatoes for two weeks.


After two weeks of nothing but potatoes and water, he slowly added in vegetable stew to increase his nutrient intake and add some variety. After an excruciating 83 days of the super restrictive potato diet, the 61-year-old magician lost over 75 pounds without exercising at all. That’s just incredible and shows some serious discipline to only eat potatoes and some veggie stew.


Jillette used this restrictive diet to break all the bad eating habits he has slowly adopted over the years and he blamed much of his eating issues to social eating. The potato diet helped him kick his social eating problems and he now feels much better when out in social situations.


Overall Penn Jillette lost over 120 pounds in just under a year and has kept it off by slowly introducing normal food into his diet but at much smaller portions.

Potato diet

The potato diet is a recent fad that literally involves just eating potatoes for an extended period of time. These types of mono diets invoke a phenomenon called Sensory-Specific Satiety. This is a situation where the extremely monotonous diet makes your eat less over time because you are literally bored with the food. This is an extreme way to break bad eating habits but it has a high success rate and most people lose a big amount of weight fast.

These fad diets are just that, a diet and a fad so be wary of prolonged success as many people gain the weight back pretty fast after they get off the diet.

A monotonous diet is great for people with food addiction of portion control. After a few days of the potato diet, it becomes real hard to overeat because you are so over potatoes. Eventually you only eat as much as you really need to survive and the pounds just melt away.

Doctors explain that this type of restrictive diet is very hard to maintain and more often than not the dieter will relapse and gain the weight back. Cutting out food groups completely is a hard diet to stick to but if you have the intestinal fortitude, these diets can work to kick start a weight loss program.


We suggest if you wish to try this restrictive type of diet out, first consult your doctor and if they give the go ahead, try it out for a few days at a time. If you can handle the restrictiveness and the monotone taste, go for it.