How A Simple Green Light Can Help You Show Your Support Of The Troops

Every day of every year, American troops around the world make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. They are risking their lives and they are missing their families. It’s something that should carry with it great respect and appreciation from all of us back home. 

But lately, many troops are returning home to little fanfare. Many of them feel under appreciated. And while the physical scars are rarer than they were in previous wars, the mental scars are more prevalent than ever.

None of us can fully understand the trauma that war brings with it. And so many veterans suffer from PTSD. But acknowledging it and being honest about it can be difficult. So many vets are unwilling to admit they are suffering and ask for help. They feel forgotten and invisible. 

This is why our troops still need our support and our love. But what can we do? How can we show them we still care? This is exactly the question the people at Wal-Mart were trying to answer when they developed the “Greenlight A Vet” initiative.

It’s really quite simple, which makes it so perfect. One of the biggest reasons veterans aren’t shown they respect they so greatly deserve, is because they’re not in uniform at all times. So Greenlight A Vet gives the everyday American the chance to show their support every night, by putting a green light bulb on their porch. This way, anytime a vet drives by, they can see that they are appreciated by the members of that household.

Once you’ve put out your green light, you can go to the website and add your house to the map containing all the houses that have green lights outside. Veterans can also go to the site as well and see just how many people across the country support them and appreciate their sacrifice. 

What an amazing idea! Let’s see if we can make the entire map green! I know I’m going to get myself a green light ASAP.

For more information about the Greenlight A Vet program and how you can participate in supporting the troops, watch the video below.