The term “skinny fat” refers to that friend who may look thin but is, in fact, a mess inside. You know that person, the guy or gal who can eat a tub of ice cream, not workout and never gain a pound. That person may be thin, but more than likely they are incredibly unhealthy and essentially are a ticking time bomb. One of these days, that unhealthy lifestyle will catch up to them and they will regret everything.

“Skinny fat’ may not be in any medical dictionary but it is a perfect term to classify people who appear to be healthy but have little to no muscle and excess body fat.

What Makes You Skinny Fat?
The actual medical terminology for “skinny fat” is metabolically obese normal weight, but we’ll stick with skinny fat, it just rolls off the tongue. Basically, you may be within your healthy weight range but metabolically you are obese. This is not a good place to be because often times, people who are skinny fat live extraordinarily unhealthy lifestyles.
People who are skinny fat have a higher risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, and a shorter life-span. The major issue is that these people actually believe they are healthy, but a serious realization is coming.

Are You Skinny Fat?
Well, around 20 percent of people fall within this range of being “skinny fat,” so you could be one of them… A good way to find out where you stand is a simple physical fitness test. How is your upper body strength? What about when you go up a flight of stairs, are you winded? Chances are you are metabolically unhealthy if these easy tasks make you winded.

How do you get Healthy?
The best way to get healthy is by following a scientifically proven plan for diet and exercise, simple as that. Here is an easy plan of attack that anyone can follow.
1- Join a gym or get a personal trainer. If that isn’t an option, simply do some research and find a simple exercise plan that you CAN do.
2-Don’t change your eating habits all at once, instead, phase things out one at a time and introduce healthy options.
3-Just move around more and you will instantly feel better. Break a sweat and you will feel better and be healthier.
4-Do weight training along with cardio so you can get healthy in every possible way.

5-Get protein in your body as it acts as fuel for your high-performance vehicle (your body.)
6-Drink less booze. We all know alcohol lowers your inhibitions and loosens you up, which is great except for when you are on a diet.
7-Try and give up on processed foods and eat a whole diet consisting of raw fruits and veggies with smart choices.


These simple changes can turn you form “skinny fat” to healthy in no time flat.