Healthy Choices To Help You Live Longer

At times it seems like everyone is obsessed with staying young. Fighting the natural aging process with every ounce of their being. Naturally, this can be dangerous to both your physical and mental health. But there are simple choices you can make in your life to help you live longer. And trust me, they’re easier than you think!


Wow, what a surprise, right?! It turns out eating food that is good for you will help you live longer. Specifically, studies have shown that plant-based diets can lower your cholesterol (duh) and can also decrease the risk of obesity. So… healthier for longer!


Get on your feet. Walk around. Stop sitting so much! I know it’s hard for those of you that have a desk job, but sitting too much can literally be as deadly as smoking. So get out of that chair and walk around as much as you can. Fitness trackers and step counters can be extremely helpful as well.


Ok, that sounded harsh. But all I’m saying is – socialize! Have friends. Enjoy them! Meaningful relationships have been proven to help people stay happy and therefore live longer. So get out there and have a conversation already!


It may come as a shock, but cigarettes are terrible for you. We all know the science. They will literally take years off your life. And they can even harm those around you. So just ditch them already. You can do it. This goes for e-cigarettes as well!


Similar to cigarettes, it should come as a surprise to no one that alcohol can be bad for you. Especially drinking in excess. Alcohol is a toxin. Toxins are bad. Also, alcohol, specifical beer, can strongly contribute to weight gain. So take it easy and stick to wine if you can. A glass of wine every day is actually good for you!


Similar to alcohol consumption, you should be eating in moderation too. People tend to eat too much in a given meal just because of whatever happens to be in front of them. But you’re in control. Try to prepare meals in smaller portions.


We’ve all heard the number. 8 full glasses of water a day! And while that may seem excessive, all you need to worry about is the fact that your body needs water. A lot of it. So drink a lot of water! It can only help your health and help you live longer.


Obviously, exercise is good for you body. It does wonders for the cardiovascular system and keeps the body working like it should. So, naturally, this can help elongate your life! It’s hard, and sometimes it’s just downright not fun, but it’s worth it!


Sleep is so very important. And many of us aren’t getting enough. This can be terrible for your body. There have been plenty of studies that proved a lack of sleep can shorten your life. So do whatever you’ve got to do to get your sleep.

See?! I told you it was simple. All of these choices aren’t as hard as you think and they can all help you live a longer life. So what are you waiting for? Start living longer!