Gym Rules For Rookies

Hitting the gym for the first time is intimidating. Obviously, you don’t want to look inexperienced and act like a rookie, so here is a crash course in gym rules. The information in this article will help you make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself, while still getting the best workout possible.


This isn’t a race so take your first couple times at the gym slow. You won’t be breaking any records your first day so let’s just try and not break anything else, like yourself. As a gym rookie, you will make huge strides in the beginning and this can be exhilarating and soon become debilitating, so take it slow. Don’t get too high or too low on your gains at the gym. Everyone progresses differently, so take your time and workout smart, not fast.

You don’t want to get hurt your first week at the gym, so take it easy. Do less than you think you should; ease yourself into a healthy gym routine. Put less weight than you think you should so you can avoid any stupid injury.


Remember that you are working out, not working, so lighten up and have some fun. Exercise should make you feel good, not worse and it’s supposed to relieve stress, not create more. If your workouts are depressing you or making you unhappy, then maybe you should switch it up. Try a new routine and do something that will make you happy, life is too short to not enjoy it. Get a partner or find some new motivation, whatever you have to do to be happy is most important.


Sounds fundamental but it is often overlooked. You should be consuming a good amount of water while you workout to replenish what you expend. Either bring your own or bring a refillable water bottle so you can workout longer and harder.


Breath in and out during each rep, don’t hold your breath, that’s how people pass out at the gym. We don’t want any accidents like that, so remember your breathing, it’s important.


Cleaning up after yourself is crucial to fitting in and being a respectable member of the gym. Nobody wants to sit on a machine that’s covered in someone else’s sweat. Bring a towel or use one provided by the gym and keep your area clean.


This is for both the gym area and in the locker room. Don’t be the weirdo that stares at all the people in the gym. Sure gyms are full of attractive people but you shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable by ogling them in the gym. Gyms are supposed to be safe places.

The locker room is full of people in various states of undress, so let’s keep our eyes to ourselves and give people their privacy.


Remember the fundamentals of exercise and don’t try anything you are not familiar with, yet. Remember to ease into your gym workouts, and only try something after you have familiarized yourself with the machine or equipment. We don’t need any injuries so ask before you try and people will be happy to explain any workout or equipment for you. Try a training session to familiarize yourself with the equipment.


This one seems obvious but you would be surprised. Wear comfortable workout gear and proper shoes. No open-toed shoes or low cut shirts. Let’s keep all our private areas covered and leave your non-breathable fabrics at home.