Great Ways to Cut 500 Calories a Day

Are you tired of diet fads and trends that work for short term? Aren’t you over weight fluctuations and restrictive diets? How about if I told you about an easy way for you to cut 500 calories a day while losing two pounds a week. It’s true, the simplest diet plan that isn’t even a diet. All this plan is about is cutting certain things out of your life and making weight loss easy again.


Calories in a pound

First lets explore how many calories make up a pound of fat. A little math and you’ll discover that around 3,500 calories equal a pound, so cutting 500 a day will drop a pound a week.   Seems pretty easy and it is.


No nuts

Nuts are great sources of protein but they are also very easily overeaten. People will put nuts into a large bowl and you won’t even notice how many calories you eat. If you have to eat nuts in your diet, portion them out beforehand. I put all my nuts into perfectly portioned snack bags.


No TV tray

Eating in front of the TV is an easy way to add up to 300 calories per meal, easily. Eating while not paying attention is Kryptonite to diets. Eat at a table like an adult and pay attention to how much food you are actually ingesting.


Less Salad toppings

Salads are a favorite of anyone watching their weight, but they can be very deceptive. Watch out for calorie heavy items when choosing your toppings. Stay away from cheese, croutons, caramelized nuts, dried fruits and heavy dressings. Make your own dressings to save calories for real.


Small plates

Eating off smaller plates tricks the mind into thinking that you are eating more and deceiving the brain is a great way to lose weight. Eating off small plates will cut 500 calories it self in just a day.


No whip

When ordering your morning coffee at your favorite roasters, ditch the whip and go sugar free. Whip cream is a calorie bomb and you don’t need it. The caffeine will wake you up; the added sugar will only drag you down once that sugar high has past.


Count your chips

Chips and cracker are often overeaten because you never count them, well that’s about to change. Portion out all your snacks so you can avoid overeating.


Less pasta

Pasta is never a good choice when counting calories. Instead, invest in a spiralizer and make pasta out of veggies.   Using vegetables instead of heavy pasta will cut a huge amount of calories from any Italian meal. I use mine all the time and haven’t eaten pasta in years, and don’t miss it at all.


No more soda

Sodas are terrible for you and diet sodas may be worse. With recent studies about sugar replacements and how bad they are for you, so soda is safe. If you really want a soda, save it for a cheat day.


Sugar free please

Ditch the sugar in everything and your body will be happier. For many years’ doctors and nutritionists believed fat was making us overweight when in reality it was sugar. Sugar is the devil and it doesn’t belong in our homes. We can get tons of sweetness naturally from fruits, so ditch the processed sugars immediately.


Do these simple things and easily drop 500 calories a day and two or more pounds a week, the easiest diet around.