Get Rid Of These Items To De-Stress Your Life

One of the most ignored elements of a stressful life is just plain ‘ole clutter. All that extra junk you have lying around the house is definitely contributing to you not being as relaxed and comfortable as you could be. So get rid of these unnecessary items ASAP to reduce your stress level.


Come on, people. You don’t need the last 9 copies of People out on your coffee table. Magazines are a classic clutter culprit. There are plenty of places, like doctors offices, libraries, or nursing homes that will typically take old magazines. And there’s always your old friend the recycling. And if there was a particular article you wanted to keep just cut it out and ditch the rest!


I’m definitely guilty of this one. I’ll hold on to old receipts and bills just in case I might need them later, but then the next thing I know my desk is covered in a pile of paper I just don’t need. If you can’t bring yourself to just ditch receipts and bills so easily, invest in a simple filer and keep them neatly tucked away instead of in that unsightly pile on your dining room table.


Oh man. It’s so easy to hoard clothes! How many times have you thought about how you’re kind of tired of a given item but at the same time don’t want to get rid of it? I know it happens to me all the time. But for the sake of a tidy and stress-free life, it’s best to stick to a 2 or 3-year rule. That is to say, if you haven’t worn an item in 2 or 3 years, get rid of it already!


This is a tough one. I know first hand how fun it can be to go back and read a book you’ve already read before. But there are still so many on your bookshelf you haven’t read in years and probably never will again. So just take a little time to go through them all and be honest with yourself. And just think – now you’ll have more room for new books!


Makeup and perfume can pile up so easily. There’s always something new and exciting we want to try. But no one likes the sight of a bathroom counter completely covered with little bottles and containers. You’re definitely not using half of that stuff anymore so just get rid of it and stick to your favorites.


You know the best part of getting rid of old jewelry you don’t wear anymore? You might actually make some money off of it! What an exciting way to de-clutter your life.


OK… this is the big one, folks. How many of us have that big bin of junk from high school and college sitting at the top of our closet that’s completely covered in dust? Or how about that big box in the garage full of G.I. Joes and Ninja Turtles? Aside from the off chance some old toys might fetch a few bucks, you definitely do not need to keep all this old junk just because it was important when you were 19.

And more than anything else on this list, it really feels great to go through those “memories” boxes and just start tossing stuff in the trash! Trust me. You’ll love it.