Get Rid Of Blackheads Naturally

Blackheads don’t seem to discriminate based on age or sex, they attack us all. Blackheads are basically clogged pores that get dirt and grime in them and form these ugly, dark marks on our face and body. They are annoying, gross and unhygienic, so let’s get rid of them for good.

The marketplace is full of chemicals and products that promise to remove blackheads or prevent them, but who needs expensive remedies? You don’t need to visit a dermatologist or pay for some ridiculous product that doesn’t work. Steer clear of these dangerous chemicals and snake oil salesman; instead try one of these natural home remedies. These can all be found at home or your local grocery store, so try these before you put dangerous chemical on your precious face.



Oatmeal acts as a great natural face mask that will draw that unwanted oil from your pores. Prepare the oatmeal as you would to eat but let it dry. Apply the oatmeal to your face like a mask and let sit for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Try this once every few weeks to keep your face oil free and the blackheads at a minimum.


Baking Soda

Baking soda can clean your pores better than any expensive product you can buy in a beauty store. Making a great detoxifier, baking soda is often an ingredient in expensive facial products, so skip the specialty store and shop at your grocery store.   Try heating up water and pouring over baking soda, put a towel over the bowl and collect steam, then apply to your face. Try this a few times a month.



Tomatoes can be massaged directly onto the face to help dissolve blackheads. Tomatoes contain magnesium, potassium and calcium; all of which are great at removing blackheads. Cut a tomato in half and rub it all over your face, do it in private so people don’t think you are a nutter.



This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and that can help fight blackheads. Rubbing mint leaves on your face weekly can help clear up your face in no time, plus the smell is intoxicating and refreshing.



Just like cucumber helps remove puffiness from around the eyes, it can also help reduce inflammation around infected pores. Rubbing it on your face is great for your natural beauty.



Potatoes are excellent at removing those pesky deep blackheads by making a convenient mask. Try boiling some potatoes, mashing them and mixing with some water, apply this mask for 10-15 minutes weekly. The deep ones will be gone in no time.


Egg whites

Egg white shave long been used to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. They remove the oil that is naturally released b the face and that is the cause of facial acne. Make a foamy mask and apply to face and wait 10 minutes before washing it off.


Lemon and Lime

Lemon juice is excellent at shrinking the pores and removing excess oil, so try it on your face. The vitamin C is a natural astringent acting like those chemicals you pay so much for but is much better for your skin.


Try these natural remedies before you put dangerous chemicals on your face.


Photos courtesy of first health, foreo, pinterest, fashion