As cold and flu season continues to rage on, we must find ways to strengthen our immune systems. Building up our immune system takes proper nutrition and fighting all these foreign toxins in our body takes ammunition. By eating the right foods and drinks, we can toughen up our immunities and have a fighting chance against illnesses. Eat these super powered foods to keep your immune system kicking ass and taking names.


Green Tea

Green tea is packed full of antioxidants that fight free radicals roaming around your insides trying to destroy your homeostasis. Drinking green tea every morning can strengthen your immunities and gear up your body for any battles it may have. Green tea doesn’t have to be drunk, you can make amazing green tea ice cream to supercharge your dessert.



These little superfoods are awesome at recharging your immune system and filling you up with antioxidants. Key to any healthy illness fighting body, blueberries are packed with Anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that can support a weakened immune system.



Vitamin C is such a valuable nutrient and should be consumed daily. Having Vitamin C has been shown to enhance immune cells abilities like Spinach did for Popeye. Vitamin C also keeps sailors from getting scurvy on the open waters.  Drinking vitamin C has been shown to shorten sicknesses and ease symptoms.



Known as a natural antibiotic, garlic can fight off illnesses itself. Compounds found in garlic have been known to amp up the power of white blood cells and is beneficial to your immune system. Garlic can be added to soups to help get rid of that cold faster.  Raw garlic is better than cooked and the only side effect to over eating garlic is personal odor. You will smell like garlic but your illness won’t last as long.



Kale is also high in vitamin C and other powerful antioxidants. One cup of kale contains 80 mg of vitamin C, which is right at the amount that is recommended daily. This popular superfood can pump up your immune system and adds valuable fiber to any diet. Try adding some to your smoothie in the morning to boost your immune system al day.



Grapes are similar to blueberries and have many of the same antioxidant compounds. The old adage that drinking a glass of red wine a day keeps you healthy is validated by grapes having high levels of antioxidants. Don’t go crazy and drink a bottle each night, moderation is key.



Onions are excellent sources of antioxidants and can act as a natural antibiotic, similar to garlic. Try adding some to your soup when you feel sick, it may shorten your symptoms. Onions eaten raw are better overall as cooking can kill some of the antioxidants.


Eating these powerful, antioxidant-rich foods will strengthen your immune system and fill you with all the nutrients your body needs to combat any free radicals roaming around. Find interesting ways to consume these foods so you won’t get bored.


Photos courtesy of Dr.Jockers, Green Tea, efty, homelife, Sharebly