These Foods Will Help You Catch Some Zs Without Catching Lbs

Most people’s two favorite activities are eating and sleeping. But can what you eat actually help you sleep?

Talk about a win-win!

If you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep, maybe it is because you aren’t eating the right foods. Tonight give these perfect, sleepy-time foods a try because they actually contain naturally occurring substances that can help you drift off into slumberland.




The tryptophan is bountiful inside walnuts, which is a wonderful amino acid that aids your body in creating serotonin and melatonin, the substances that control your sleep-wake cycles.

Walnuts don’t just have tryptophan, though, they also have their own melatonin inside them as well. So next time, before you hit the sack, throw down a handful of walnuts.

Besides, cracking those shells alone should be enough to tire you out.



If you love almonds and you love sleeping then congratulations, because they may be more closely linked than you originally thought.

Almonds are a good source of magnesium which is a mineral that your body craves to help give you quality sleep.

Maybe you only have a problem sleeping because you have a terrible headache. Well, good news! Munching down those almonds will also help to remedy your headaches with magnesium, the same mineral that helps you sleep.

No matter what your problem is, almonds seem to be the cure, due to the fact that they are extremely high in magnesium. Now will almonds help you stop wetting the bed? Probably not. 


Cheese and Crackers

Calcium helps regulate muscle movements and it helps your brain turn tryptophan into melatonin as well. Cheese actually has it’s own tryptophan as well, so you have the one-two punch you need to get some sleep. Next time you’re too wired to sleep, reach for any dairy product so that you can get a visit from the sandman.

Unless of course, you’re lactose intolerant, in which case I don’t think dairy will help you sleep much unless you love sleeping on the toilet.




If you’re looking to induce sleep while watching your calories then give lettuce a try. Lettuce is known to contain lactucarium which actually has an opiate-like effect on the brain.

So if you really want to relax then eat a bunch of lettuce and that will hopefully bring you to the sedative state you need in order to nod off.



If you munch down a bunch of pretzels your blood sugar and insulin will spike which will help tryptophan enter your brain. Tryptophan and Melatonin are the two key substances you want swimming into your brain to bring on some sleep. You do want to be careful with how often you spike your levels though because it is not always the healthiest way to get tired. So I would give some other foods a try first.



Cherry Juice

Drinking a big glass of cherry juice could help bring on the Sandman. Melatonin is boosted by cherries naturally and cherry juice is the best way to get a lot of cherries in your body at once. Just make sure the juice is free of pits.



Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is the old classic. Although, you might be surprised to know that chamomile tea doesn’t actually contain tryptophan or melatonin. What chamomile has is an effect on the body’s glycine levels which is a chemical that makes your muscles and nerves relax. So if you think trying a mild sedative is the way to get some rest, then give chamomile tea a try.