Food Every Healthy Person Should Have In Their Fridge

Eating healthy isn’t easy, especially in our non-stop world, so making good decisions is key. Meal prepping, making smart decisions and stocking your fridge with good choices is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   We talked to our resident nutritionist to see what staples they keep in their fridge. This definitive list of healthy foods we all should keep in our fridge will help you stay on track to reach your fitness and health goals.   Obviously you can have more, but these essentials should always be in stock in your fridge.

Plant Based Milks

I tend to stay away from cow’s milk, since it is not designed for human consumption; instead I stick with plant-based milks. You are good with soy, coconut, almond and even pea protein milks. A nice variety of these will keep you from even thinking about dairy products and will help with minimizing your waistline. Try it in your coffee, tea, cereal or maybe a mock ice cream treat.


Veggie Broth

Keeping veggie broth in your fridge is a no brainer. I sauté my veggies in the broth instead of oil to keep the flavor high and calories low. Veggie broth is a great way to add flavor to any meal without adding too much fat or calories. Try making your own soup to cut back on your sodium intake.


Canned Tuna

Yes, canned tuna in the fridge. It’s not for a safety thing, but more a personal preference. Cold tuna tastes better than room temperature, to me. Keeping canned tuna on hand means you always have a quick protein snack that is healthy and will keep you fueled up for hours.


Fresh Veggies

Stop eating meals without multiple veggies. I try and make meat a side item and veggies my main course. This is a great way to still get your meat fix without consuming too much. I like to keep a good amount of fresh veggies in my fridge so I have options. We make salad bars in our fridge by pre cutting veggies and keeping them in Tupperware, so when we make a salad it can be different every day.



Is there a better and tastier snack than hummus? Not in my humble opinion. Instead of chips of pita bread, try dipping sliced bell peppers in hummus.



I keep sauerkraut in my fridge for the intestinal health it provides. Fermented foods offer probiotics and other benefits to your digestive system.


Sparkling Water

If you are like me, then you are dealing with breaking a soda habit, so sparkling water is the best drink possible. Obviously water in general is the best drink, but if you normally grab a soda, try sparkling water. They have little to no calories and the fix can help settle stomachs.


Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit goes along with the fresh veggies. The fresher the better and the bigger variety the better. Try and eat a few fruits a day as snacks and your weight will reduce drastically.

I try and avoid processed foods as much as possible and I’m happier and healthier for it.