Find a Diet You Can Live With

The key to a successful diet is one that you can maintain for a long period of time. As you may know, weight loss is a journey, a marathon not a sprint, so prepare for the long haul by choosing the right diet plan for you. Everyone has different tastes and cravings, so pick a diet that you are comfortable with. Anyone can stick to a diet for a short period of time; it’s the lifestyle changes that change your life for a long period of time. Let’s explore how to chose the proper diet for you.


No Short Term Diet

The majority of diets focus on what you can’t eat, what you can’t enjoy, so why would anyone want to live like that. Totally cutting out entire groups of food and cutting down on sweets is a sure way to tire of a diet quickly. Having willpower is an easy concept to have but when it comes down to it, sticking to a hard diet is tough. Motivation is one of the toughest aspects of a successful diet, so keeping positive will only help. Pick a diet that you can easily maintain and you won’t have any issues.


Food Equals Fuel

Think about food as less of an extravagance and instead look at it as fuel for your body. By looking at food differently, we will stop rewarding ourselves with it. The key here is to figure out how much fuel your body needs each day and only allowing yourself enough to meet that minimum requirement.   Fuel up your engine and go about your day, not thinking about food as a gift, instead of as a tool.


Portion Control

Portion control is a great tool for your weight loss tool belt. End mindless eating by portioning out the proper amount and you will never allow yourself to overeat. This way you can zone out in front of the TV like any normal person but with pre portioned foods, you can actually snack mindlessly.

Try smaller plates and pre-portioning out your snacks for the entire week. Take the risk out of it and eat smart.


Eat Clean

The less restrictive your diet the better and trying to eat clean for 80% of your meals is a great way to reward yourself. Everyone slips up on a diet; it’s having a successful ratio that will help with weight loss over time. Try the 80/20 split of eating clean. Try to eat clean 4/5 of the time and every once in awhile enjoy a snack and cheat. Be bad for once in a while…. You deserve it.



There is no “right” diet for everyone, instead chose a diet you think you will be able to stick to. That’s the right diet for you, which may be the worst diet for someone else. Remember, you are the one trying to lose weight, so only judge yourself on your actions and weight loss. We all are individuals, so diet accordingly.