Explore your 5 Senses for a Better Night’s Sleep

Searching for a good night’s sleep has become the Holy Grail in our fast-paced over-scheduled day. How can we sleep well when our senses are overloaded? If quality sleep is your goal then you should satisfy all five of your senses and prepare yourself.

The best way to fix your sleep issues is to fix your sleep environment. We cook in kitchens, hang out in living rooms but bedrooms are multi-purposed. We need to make bedrooms a friendlier environment for sleeping.   Your five senses need to be pampered so you can rest easily, so before you go to a sleep therapist or take sleeping pills, try these simple fixes.



We need darkness to have good quality rest. Your brain has a circadian rhythm that makes us tired and wakes us up. This is controlled by light and dark, our body senses the darkness of night and prepares us for sleep. Light automatically wakes us up and our brain prepares us for our day. If your bedroom is too bright, the light tells your brain to wake up so you are constantly fighting your brain for sleep… guess what? Your brain will always win.

You need to make your bedroom as dark as possible when you are trying to sleep. You should have many lights in your bedroom as you can layer the light and slowly turn them down or off. A dimmer is a good investment.

Try and slowly turn down the lights an hour before bedtime, so your mind begins to enter rest mode. Stop falling asleep with the TV on, the light will make your mind race.



Sound is crucial to quality rest. Varied sounds can be alarming so falling asleep with the TV on is a bad idea. Sound machines and white noise are the ways to even out the sound in your bedroom. The constant sound emitted by these devices will calm your mind and keep it in sleep mode. Some people prefer a fan or A/C unit for a constant white noise. Any way that works is best, find your preferred sound and chill out.



Smell can be a powerful sense and if you use certain scents you can calm yourself down and prepare for sleep. Studies have shown rose and lavender to have calming effects on the body and mind, so try one of these if your sleep is inconsistent. Get yourself some essential oils and place them by your bed. You don’t want the smell to be too overpowering, so keep it light.



Touch obviously has a big component of a good night’s rest. Who doesn’t love sheets fresh out the dryer and a warm comfy blanket? Making your bed as comfortable as possible is key.

Pillows are often over looked, so make sure you aren’t readjusting throughout the night. You will be amazed at how big a difference a quality pillow makes. Take some time and try out a few at the store.   Figure out your sleeping position and chose a pillow accordingly.



Stop eating before bed. When you eat before bed your body has to digest that food and that can keep you awake. Another issue is sugar; so make sure you keep sugar out of your diet at least 2 hours before bedtime.


Take care of your five senses and your sleep will improve dramatically.