Eat these Foods Everyday for Ultimate Health

Eating healthy is becoming harder and harder these days and we are all struggling to stay well. We are constantly bombarded with new food trends and superfoods, so how are we supposed to know what to eat?  How do i achieve ultimate health?

If you eat these 8 amazing foods everyday you will be on your way to a healthy life. I recommend trying to fit these superfoods into your daily caloric intake.



Popeye knew more than he let on when he would chug a can of spinach to grow super strong. Spinach is a superfood that packs a punch and helps build muscle, maybe not as fast as Popeye. Eating spinach won’t make your biceps magically double in size, but it will help facilitate muscle growth, at a normal pace. Spinach has been proven to fight against heart disease, stroke and osteoporosis. Eating spinach will also help your sex drive from diminishing. I guess Olive oil might have been slipping Popeye that spinach the whole time.



Packed full of lycopene, tomatoes are excellent at fighting cancer cells and coronary artery disease.   Red tomatoes are the best as they have the most lycopene and canned tomatoes are just as nutrient rich as fresh ones. Basically, get tomatoes into your body as fast as possible and in any way possible.  You should be eating at least 8 grape tomatoes a day or half a full one to get the required amount of lycopene.



Carrots are little orange cancer swords, and eating ½ a cup a day is all you need. Carrots secret weapon are carotenoids, which are a fat-soluble compound that not only fights cancer but also reduces inflammation due to asthma and arthritis. Carrots make a sensible and easy snack, so put some carrot sticks in your bag and off you go, on your way to the health zone.


Black Beans

Beans in general are excellent for heart health and provide serious antioxidants for fighting toxins. But black beans separate themselves from all other beans by boosting brainpower. Black beans contain anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that improve brain capabilities. Beans aren’t just the musical fruit, they are also the brainiac snack attack.



Forget salmon and other fish for your omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts pack in much more per ounce. Walnuts are also better than red wine at reducing inflammation and almost as good as chicken in protein levels. Walnuts may be some of the healthiest foods on the planet. You should be consuming a minimum of 7 a=walnuts a day, that’s not too hard. Simply replace a small snack with walnuts for your health superiority.



Are jammed with soluble fiber, which lowers the risk of heart disease. You are probably saying, Adam, aren’t oats loaded with carbohydrates, which turn into sugar? Yup, but the high levels of fiber, slows down the breakdown of those sugars and oats are packed with protein, to counteract the sugar. Eat about a half a cup of oats per day.



The kings of the antioxidants, blueberries are seriously a magical fruit. They do the dirty work against so many ailments like cancer, diabetes and memory loss. Blueberries also help with cardiovascular health, so your heart will thank you for snacking on them. Try and jam a half a cup of these little blue masterpieces into your daily diet.



Yogurt is a superfood that contains probiotics, which are tiny bacteria that aid in digestion. Eating yogurt daily will make your tummy happy and your intestines working at maximum capabilities. Make sure the label says “active or live cultures,” because not all yogurts contain probiotics. Eat a cup of yogurt daily to you’re your digestive system in tiptop shape.


Eat these 8 foods every day and your health problems will slowly disappear and maybe your excess belly fat will too.



Photos courtesy of woman’sInsight, spinach, pinterest, authorityNutrition, authority