Eat These Foods Every Day

Food is the fuel that powers your body and mind so picking the best possible fuel seems like the best way to live, but most people don’t live that way. Too many people treat their body like a cheap car, using the cheapest fuel, low-grade oil and little regard for the long-term care. Try and look at your body like a classic car that needs pampering, so eat the right foods that will give you the best, healthiest life. Scientists and nutritionists agree that these 8 amazing foods should be eaten as often as possible for optimum health.


Yogurt is the perfect food for anyone who has digestive issues, since the active cultures it contains will fill your gut with healthy bacteria. Eating yogurt boosts your immune system while giving you a healthy snack you can eat literally anytime. Avoid yogurts without active cultures and ones that add too much sugar. Add it to smoothies, salad dressings or freeze for a delicious dessert.


Be like Popeye and use spinach to power you through the toughest situations. Reducing the risk of heart disease while filling you full of omega-3 fatty acids, spinach is a great superfood. Substituting spinach for your iceberg lettuce will drastically increase your body’s immune system and boost energy levels substantially. Add spinach to every meal to really get the most out of the leafy green.



The ultimate superfood, blueberries pack more antioxidants than any other food, period. Eating blueberries every day will increase your brain function, lower the risk of diabetes and boost cardiovascular health. I love to freeze blueberries for a healthy frozen treat that will replace ice cream and other unhealthy treats. Blueberries make the perfect fruit to add to smoothies for a natural sweetener that really packs a healthy punch.

Black Beans

Beans are great for you and should be eaten more as a meat substitute, but black beans are especially nutritious. High in antioxidants, black beans also increase the brain’s functions. Beans really are the musical fruit but they are also the magical fruit for your brain.


The active ingredient in tomatoes that make it so special is lycopene, the enzyme that fights cancer and heart disease. The redder the tomatoes the more lycopene so pick those red ones and get to chomping.   Drinking tomato juice is the same as eating a fresh one so either way are excellent ways to get your lycopene.


Walnuts are the pound for pound best food you can eat. They pack more omega-3s than salmon, more anti-inflammatory than red wine and half the protein of chicken, sounds amazing. Get these nuts in your body as often as possible.


Eating carrots daily will increase your intake of carotenoids, the fat soluble compounds known to fight cancers and reduce inflammation like the inflammation of the lungs in asthma.   Carrots also fight against rheumatoid arthritis, an affliction that affects millions of Americans. Eating carrots are extremely easy as they make great snacks and can be added to almost any dish.


Everyone should start their day off which oatmeal, the super carb will fill you up and give you the energy to tackle your day. Everyone needs fiber for a healthy digestive system, so eat up people.