Eat More Calories, Lose More Weight

Losing weight seems really easy, don’t eat food and then you’ll lose weight. Easy right? Well actually not so much, did you know you that if you’re eating too few calories and doing more harm than good to your body? Losing weight and keeping it off is all about listening to your body. Here are some signs that your body isn’t getting enough calories.


You’re Tired…So Tired!

IF you don’t feel like you have your normal amount of energy then odds are you aren’t getting enough calories. Calories are responsible for giving you energy, so when you don’t eat enough calories then you don’t have enough energy. Feeling tired? Eat a hot dog.


You’re in a Dump Slump

Eating helps your bowels move. I know it’s not pretty or fun to think about but if you don’t eat then you don’t poop. Eating is not just a great way to give your body fluids and fiber, it’s actually the only way! If you don’t eat enough calories then trips to the bathroom are going to be a real drag.


Your Tummy is Rumbling

Do you feel hungry? Well, the odds are you need to eat. Is it hard for you to believe that I have to say this? Well, guess what, it’s hard for me to believe too. Your body isn’t an evil mastermind trying to trick you into getting fat, if it says you’re hungry then I would guess that you’re probably hungry. Your body needs nutrients and fuel and hunger is a great clue that you’re running on E.


You’re Cranked Up On Crankiness

Are you in a rage right now? Have you screamed at everyone you’ve interacted with today? Well before screaming at us, try a snack. Low blood sugar even turns sweet loving grandmas irate. So eat a handful of nuts, take a deep breath, then if you still feel like yelling at someone maybe they deserve it.


You’re Permanently Parched

Are you feeling thirsty? No, not in the desperate to find a mating type of way, but in the “I need to drink fluids” kind of way. If so, then maybe you’re not eating enough and you’re obviously not drinking enough. But did you know that electrolytes aren’t just in sports drinks, they’re actually in foods as well? If you’re not eating enough calories then you’re not getting enough electrolytes which will cause you to be thirsty forever. If you walk through life thirsty and hungry and cranky then odds are you will be the other kind of thirsty for eternity too.


Listen to Your Body

The main point to this entire article is to listen to your body and that will give you the greatest odds of success. If your body is saying you’re hungry then eat, if it’s saying you’re thirsty then drink. You don’t need to follow any trendy diets because a lot of them just aren’t sustainable. Learn to listen to your body’s clues and you will have a much higher chance of success.