Easy Ways to Cut Calories

Losing weight is never easy, but with just a few changes to your day-to-day life, you can cut calories significantly.  

Diets often fail because they are far too restrictive and it’s very difficult to be constrained for long periods of time. That’s why just cutting a few calories here and there can really make a difference to your daily caloric intake.

As I’ve said tons of times, the key to losing weight is simply burning more calories than you are ingesting. Here are some simple and easy tricks to lowering your caloric intake and hopefully losing some much needed weight.


Fill up on fiber in the morning

Eating a high-fiber breakfast will fill you up sooner and therefore you will eat much less. Oatmeal is an optimum choice for breakfast because its heart healthy and jam-packed of fiber, meaning you will be full and loaded up with nutrients to start your day. Eating a full breakfast with fiber means you will eat less all the way through the day, so your caloric intake will be much lower.


Ditch Soda

Soda is horrible for you and fill of sugar. A good rule of thumb for weight loss is to not drink empty calories. Each soda is around 150 calories and that is how much a healthy snack should be. The biggest problem with soda is they have zero nutrients and are just sugar bombs. The body turns that sugar right into fat, so keep off the sodas. Try a carbonated water like a Le Croix instead, they have zero calories and the carbonation is good for digestion.


Minimize Salad Toppings

Salads are great and can really help lower your caloric intake. Avoid putting unhealthy toppings on the salad, because that would cancel out anything positive the salad brought.   Stay away from cheese, croutons, bacon, dried fruit and dressings with lost of preservatives. I make my own salad dressings and save tons of calories. If you can’t do that, buy the dressings that have to be refrigerated, these are often much better for you.


Eat Protein throughout the day

Protein is essential to your daily diet and it’s a great snack. Eat protein throughout the day to keep your hunger at bay and to fill you up with healthy calories to give you energy.


Order food before you’re hungry

Ordering earlier is essential to not over eating. When you order your food when you are not yet hungry, you are much less likely to over order. It’s the same principle as not going to the grocery store when you are hungry. The temptation is less and you are more focused on sticking to your diet.



Cook at home

Eating out is very bad in general and most restaurants don’t count calories. Instead, restaurants fill their food with butter, fats and sugars, so the food tastes better and you come back. Cooking at home allows you to control everything that goes into your food, meaning you can lower calories and keep the food tasting good.


Stop eating in front of TV

Eating in front of your TV is never a good idea. Often you don’t keep track of portion size or calories when you are watching TV because you are distracted. Sometimes, your brain is so distracted by what you are watching that it doesn’t recognize that you ate food. Stop eating n front of the TV and eat at the dinner table like an adult.


Use Less Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is just extra calories that you barely taste, so why eat them anyway? You can either cut back and use much less or use healthier options like Coconut or olive oil. A tablespoon of cooking oil generally has about 130 calories, so if you use half that you are already saving 65 calories, and that’s a start.


These simple little things can cut a serious amount of calories and lead to major weight loss.  Take it day-to-day and watch as the pounds literally slip away.



Photos courtesy of webMD, huffingtonpost, KeyWord, mostlyMeat, TeamRock