Easy Tricks To Becoming A (gulp) Morning Person

Mornings. Most of us either hate them and the ones that don’t might as well by psychopaths. But there’s no way around them. Eventually, we just have to get up and get ready for work! So if you’re looking for a little help getting up in the morning, try these seven simple tricks!


I know… easier said than done. But there are a lot of things you probably do before you go to bed that you could easily cut out. Scrolling social media on your laptop or smartphone is at the top of that list! Seriously. It can wait. Just put that phone down and read a book to help you fall asleep earlier! It will make waking up a lot easier.


I know, I know! This one can be really tough too. Especially when it comes to the weekends. The only thing most of us want to do on a Saturday morning is keep sleeping. But completely abandoning your sleep schedule, even on just the weekend, can really affect your daily energy level during the week. Keeping your body on a schedule like that will keep it working at peak performance day to day. 


This is a little tricky because, obviously, breakfast comes after waking up. But in terms of just generally starting your day and feeling energized throughout, starting off with a healthy breakfast can be huge. Heavy breakfasts led to fatigue and a lot of it. And for those of that usually just grab a cup of coffee and call that a breakfast… you ever wonder why you’re so grumpy all day?!


These days it’s hard to do anything other than scroll through our streaming apps for however many hours before we climb into bed. But watching TV and surfing the web can be detrimental to your sleep and your daily energy level. Specifically, the light from the screens can sometimes trick your brain into thinking it’s daytime and therefore won’t want to fall asleep.

So keep the lights low and try to find something more relaxing and soothing to do before bed (reading, a bath, listening to music, etc).


It doesn’t have to be a lot, but getting a little workout in before you head off to work is a great way to stay energized throughout the day. The energizing of your body is obvious and you’ll definitely feel it. But there’s the added mental bonus of feeling like you’re already accomplished something and are leading a healthier life that will help you make it through the day.


Give yourself little treats or rewards for getting up early. Maybe save a chapter of that book you’re enjoying. Or the newest episode of your favorite show. If you have something to look forward to in the morning it will be a lot easier to wake up early!

And it’s that simple. All of these things are technically easy and I know you can pull them off! So if you’re feeling groggy day after day and want to become one of those unbearable morning people, give these tricks a shot!