Easy Tips To Keep Your Summer Food Safe

Sumer is more centered around food than many people think. A lot of people love to spend the hot summer days eating out of their picnic baskets or directly off the barbecue. Well, I guess not directly off the barbecue, but they eat the food soon after it has been removed from the barbecue. They allow it to cool down before crunching it down unless they have a flame retardant mouth. But burning your mouth isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when eating in the summertime, you have to watch out for food poisoning as well. If you eat the wrong thing you could spend your summer on a toilet instead of on a surfboard.

Keep the flavor in and the bacteria out by following these easy tips to prevent food poisoning by keeping your summer food safe.


Keep Clean

Wash your hands, wash your counters and wash your food. You can never be sure what exactly is on your hands, counters or food and if there are some bacteria on there then after your trip to flavor town you’ll be taking a trip to toilet town.

Even if you’re pretty sure that your hands are clean, a good scrub before preparing food is always a safe bet. If you don’t have any access to running water then just use hand sanitizer. For your fruits and veggies, the least you can do is make sure to wash them before you pack them up for your summer trip. Or if you’re just making food at your house you can rinse them in tap water directly before preparing them.


Keep Raw Foods Separate

You don’t want your cooked foods touching your raw foods because that will lead to some cross contamination that could seriously mess your body up. If you’re cooking some meat then don’t put the cooked meat back on the plate that you picked it off of when it was raw. You need to have a fresh plate to put the cooked food down on to keep it clean and keep your party guests from getting sick. Also be sure to wash any utensils that touch the raw meat before using them for other stuff with soapy water to get all that yucky bacteria off.

Most importantly, make sure that your raw meat is packed properly when traveling. You don’t want those gross juices leaking all over the rest of your food. You want to keep the juices packed tight with the raw meat and then thrown away after you cook the meat. Pack your meat tight and stick it in the bottom of the cooler.


Keep Your Cold Food Cold

If you want to bring milk and seafood or other foods that need to be refrigerated then maybe a picnic basket is not your best bet. You need to bring a cooler so that your foods can stay at the proper temperature needed to prevent spoilage. But just having a cooler is not enough, you still want to make sure that your cooler stays in the shade and is filled to the brim with ice so that it stays as cold as possible for as long as possible.


Follow these three easy tips and you have people rubbing their tummies in delight instead of holding their butts in terror.