Easy Steps to Stay Body Positive While Swimsuit Shopping

Summertime is supposed to be a fun time to let loose and let it all hang out. Okay, well maybe not let it all hang out, but let whatever hang out you so choose. A lot of people spend the summer uncomfortable and unhappy. Well enough is enough, it is 2017 and it is time to have some fricking fun this summer. Guess what? Pool parties are only fun when you’re in the pool. A beach day is meaningless if you can’t frolic in the waves and cool off. You can’t hold down the cabana all day at a water park, you’ve got to let yourself be free and go have fun.

If you’re ready to push your fears to the side and let your freak flag fly then follow these easy steps to find the right swimsuit for you and your body that you like, because guess what, if you don’t like your swimsuit then nobody else will.


It’s Time To Get Real

Find the swimsuit that best matches your activities you plan on doing. Planning your shopping based around your activities is an excellent place to start. Are you going waterskiing? Then maybe something athletic. Swimming laps? Look for something comfortable. Fishing for crab? Maybe yellow waders and a yellow raincoat are more appropriate. Picturing the activity you will be partaking in is a great way to help figure out the look you want.

Explore The Big World of Swimsuits

If a swimsuit just doesn’t fit your body right then don’t buy it. Swimsuits are not a universal fit like many would have you believe. If you go to a store and none of the swimsuits fit you right, don’t feel like your options are limited to just that store. There are a lot of great places to find swimsuits that you might not come to your mind right away. Try sporting goods stores, vintage shops or of course the internet. Think of yourself as Goldilocks and the swimsuit is your porridge. If you keep looking then you will find one that’s juuuuussst right.


Know Your Shapes

If you know what your body looks like then you’ll know what type of bathing suit you’re looking for. If all the swimsuits you try just aren’t working then it’s time to go back and rethink your approach. Your whole body is never actually the problem, but in fact, there are actually very easy, solvable problems if you can stop yourself from getting frustrated and instead just calmly assessing the situation as if you’re judging a friend rather than yourself. Being kind to yourself is the only way to solve a problem and get you looking fly in your swimwear.

Look For Something You’re Confident In

Buy a swimsuit that you feel confident wearing. If you’re not going to feel good wearing it then you’re not going to wear it. Unless you are buying a swimsuit just to throw it on the floor and let it watch you watch Netflix, maybe pick out a swimsuit you will want to wear and feel confident wearing all summer long.

Trying on swimsuits can feel like a negative experience, Cathy Gusewite, the author of the comic strip Cathy made a living off of that, but push those negative thoughts to the side and focus on what makes you feel good because that’s what summer is all about.


Most Importantly Let Loose and Have Fun

What’s the point of having a swimsuit if you’re just gonna sit around and be miserable in it? You could have the worst fitting bathing suit on in the world but if you’re having fun then who cares? Don’t let yourself become bogged down in negative thoughts, pick yourself up and stay positive.  When it comes to fashion the most important factor is always having fun.