Easiest Things We Can Do to Improve Our Health

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be a life changing experience all at once, instead let’s be smart and slowly introduce change. Diets and exercise are obviously the biggest ways to get healthy but sometimes it’s the little changes to our daily lives that make the biggest differences. Let’s explore the easiest ways we can improve our health by doing the littlest things possible.


Take the Stairs

Simply take the stairs, yes it really is that simple. By taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, you will burn more calories and this added exercise will make a huge difference over time. These little changes can really affect our overall health and these little bursts of exercise does wonders for our mental health as well. This applies to many situations, instead of driving to dinner, try walking and burn most of the calories you ingest on your walk home.


Portion Control

It’s really simple people, avoid overeating by using portion control. I like to eat off smaller plates to fool my mind into thinking I’m eating more. If you ingest just 50 less calories each meal, that adds up to an astonishing 1,050 calories a week just by eating a tiny bit less each meal. You won’t notice the missing amount of food but after a few months, your waistline will be smaller for sure.


Never enough water

You can’t drink enough water, and by having this mentality you will always be hydrated, full of water and eating less junk. You are less hungry when you are will hydrated and your body just seems to run better. It’s pretty easy really, just carry water with you all the time and you’ll never go thirsty again. Seriously though, drink around a gallon of water a day and you will be in great shape in no time.


Green tea

Switching from black tea to green tea is a small change that will have huge benefits to your overall health. Just the added antioxidants alone will increase your overall health by tons. Just make the switch already and enjoy o=some healthy beverages in between all the summer cocktails.



Coffee is surprisingly good for you, that is, before you dump all that sugar and cream into it. Drinking the caffeine is great to keep you moving and the antioxidant properties will keep you healthy too. Drink the black gold before your workouts to give you that extra boost you’ve been looking for.


Stand up more

You’ve heard it… sitting is the new smoking. Standing desks are gaining popularity and more and more people are finding out the benefits of simply standing. Studies show that people spend half their days sitting in chairs, so standing a few more hours a day can only help. This goes back to taking the stairs; just move more during the day so you burn more calories on average, simple as that.


Be positive

Be more positive in your daily life, allow happiness to enter your life and try and smile more. This happiness you spread will make your life and others around you better. Positivity can spread very easily and you will notice how much better your life is when you stay positive.


Peace out.