Don’t Waste Your Money on these Fake Healthy Foods

The diet world is full of foods that are not as healthy as they seem. Many products promise great health so they charge a pretty premium but isn’t as nutritional as they advertise. It’s time we stop being fooled by false advertising claims and misleading science. These five foods claim to be super-nutritional and healthy but they are not worth the price tags. Let’s learn more about these falsely advertised healthy foods.


Puffed Veggie Chips

Puffed veggie chips are popping up all over the health food aisles. These “chips” claim to be healthy and are sold as great snack options, when in fact they are terrible for us. Usually packed with additives to amp up the flavor, these items should be avoided. You aren’t cutting calories by buying these falsely healthy foods. Instead of buying these chips, try making your own veggie chips at home.

Simple thinly slice your favorite veggies, lightly toss in some olive oil and sprinkle salt. Bake in a 400-degree oven for 20-30 minutes and you have healthy veggie chips.

Stop giving your money to companies who falsely advertise as healthy. You are only hurting yourself by eating foods with chemicals and food additives.


Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is an amazing food, full of probiotics and food enzymes that aid in digestion.   The problem is when they add sugar and flavoring to them they become unhealthy. Normal yogurt is an excellent source of protein and calcium but most yogurts on the market add so much sugar they become a liability. Instead, buy plain yogurt and add your own fruit and honey to sweeten to your liking.

If you really want to wow your family at breakfast, buy a large tub of plain Greek yogurt and make your own toasted oats for topping. Simple lay out some oatmeal and healthy nuts on a baking sheet. Sprinkle cinnamon and honey over them and bake for 20 minutes at 350-degrees. Now you have some intense granola to top your yogurt with and you have none of the wasted calories.


Cold-Pressed juices

If you want to get ripped off, just venture into a cold pressed juicery and throw away $10 on a juice. Juice is a terrible way to get your nutrients, as you are missing out on all the beneficial fiber. People who love juice will tell you that you can get so many nutrients from juice but our bodies can only absorb so much at once. This bombardment of nutrients is often wasted just like your money for purchasing an overpriced juice.  Let the hipsters have their overpriced juices, I’ll just eat fruit like a normal person.


Bottled Salad dressings

A bad salad dressing can totally ruin a healthy salad. Often times these pre-bottled dressings are full of highly processed oils artificial colors and too much sugar. It’s best to make your own dressings at home and keep them in your fridge. This allows you to eat fresh, with not of the terrible preservatives often found in pre-made dressings. You will save big bucks and have tastier dressings by making them at home.  Stop giving your money to Paul Newman and his overrated salad dressing and make your own from scratch.


Gluten Free packaged foods

Stop buying gluten free products if you do not have celiac disease. Gluten free products are such a fad now and companies are overcharging for these products. If you are on a diet you should be avoiding pre-packaged products like these anyways. Either get diagnosed with celiac disease or forget about gluten, it’s not a big deal.