Your immediate treatment to an injury can be extremely beneficial to your body and help jumpstart the healing process. But most people make a lot of mistakes due to many common myths and rumors that actually hurt people more than they help them.

Stop making detrimental mistakes when treating an injury and recover quickly once we dispel these common first aid mistakes.

Not treating your burn the right way

When you get a burn, what is the first thing you run to grab? Some say ice and, believe it or not, some say butter as well. Butter may seem implausible but guess what, so is ice. What you really want to grab is your faucet. Running your burn under cool water is the best way to treat a burn. And we’re not talking about running a little water over your burn, we’re talking about ten to twenty minutes of water running on your burn.


Because after you get a burn, it continues to hurt for a while because the burn goes deep into your tissue and continues to burn. So you need to really soak your burn to make sure that your burn is cooled all the way down to where the burn might have traveled.

When you get a nose bleed, don’t tilt your head back.

Tilting your head back may keep your face clean, but the blood will run down the back of your throat which can cause you to cough or gag or even choke.

Next time you get a nose bleed, try pinching your nose instead and keep your chin parallel to the ground. Oddly, the more relaxed you stay the faster the nosebleed will stop. Why is that? I have no idea.


Don’t put heat on a sprain or break

Heat actually increases blood flow which will lead to making the swelling worse. That is not what you want. What you want is less swelling so applying cold is how you want to initially treat a sprain or fracture. Heat is great for back spasms but not for sprains, so save the hot and bring on the cold to reduce the swelling the next time you tweak something.

If you injure your eye don’t remove the debris yourself

If you get an irritant in your eye, then you might be tempted to try and pick the debris out of your eye yourself. But that will most likely just lead to more damage to your eye and even permanent damage to your vision.

The right way to treat your injured eye is to put a paper cup over their eye or something else that will cover your whole eye and prevent more debris from entering. Then head to the ER or somewhere else where you can receive immediate care.

The only exception to this is if you get a chemical in your eye. If that is the case then you are supposed to flush it with water for ten to twenty minutes.


Don’t remove gauze from a bleeding wound

If you’ve got a wound that’s bleeding pretty hard then it might be tough to take care of. But, when that happens and when you have it wrapped up, if the pad soaks through, don’t take it off. Just add another layer on top of the blood soaked gauze so as not to disturb the wound.