Ditch These Foods To Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t easy but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Simply by avoiding certain foods, you can drop weight faster than ever. These 5 foods are diet destroyers and you should steer clear if you want to lose weight.


Sugar is hiding in all your favorite foods, which is probably why you like them so much. Our addiction to sugar has gotten out of control and if we want to get healthy we must ditch the sweet stuff. Some of the worst offenders for hidden sugars are fruit juice, yogurt, sports drinks, pasta sauce, and condiments. Yes, even your favorite sauce is filled with sugar. You don’t notice the subtle sweetness because you are inundated with sugar at every turn and your body is used to it by now. That’s why breaking this sweet addiction is so crucial to weight loss. These added sweeteners not only add pounds to your physique, they also contribute to heart disease and diabetes.



Anything over processed has ingredients added that help it stay fresh or add flavor that are awful for us. Raw, natural foods are best for us and what we were originally designed to eat. Processed foods often add preservatives and artificial coloring, which have been proven to promote weight gain. Another issue with these processed foods it that they taste so freaking good, it’s hard to only at a small portion. Overeating is a major cause for weight gain. Avoid processed meats, foods packed in syrup and pre-packaged snacks.



If you don’t understand that fried foods are not good for you then you may never lose weight. Avoid foods like Burgers, fries, pizza and anything with “fried” in the name. Eating these unhealthy fried foods can lead to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Fat isn’t always bad when it’s unsaturated, like from nuts and fish. Avoid the saturated fats that fill up fried foods.



Alcohol has plenty of hidden calories that we don’t think about. Plus, drinking alcohol makes us less disciplined and we often overeat and consume way too many calories. Avoid beer, wine, and spirits if you want to really lose weight. Lowering your inhibitions allows you to make poor nutritional decisions and this is where the trouble sneaks in. Get off the booze if you wish to lose the pounds.


Not all grains are bad, just the white ones. Any grain that has been bleached like white flour or bread has all the nutrients ripped out and leave just unhealthy carbs. These carbs easily turn into sugar in your digestion process and you gain weight, it’s that simple. All the fiber has been removed making your digestion happen quicker and you are hungrier faster. Eating white flours can make your blood sugar spike and is how we get diabetes. Instead of eating white bread, rice and baked goods, enjoy whole grains like wheat bread and brown rice. Quinoa is a natural whole grain that is incredibly healthy and won’t make you gain weight.

I know this list is a tough one to read. Everything on it is so delicious! But if you’re serious about eating healthier and losing weight you need to cut out all of them. Sorry!