Ditch that Diet Soda

Diet sodas are terrible for you and should be tossed into the trash where they belong. Filled with chemical sweeteners that actually make you hungrier, diet sodas are ruining your chances of losing weight. Instead of drinking these diet drinks, let’s find some healthy alternatives.


Leads to weight gain

Diet sodas were invented in the 1950s as a way for people with diabetes to enjoy fizzy sodas, without raising their blood sugar. Science since then has improved massively and we now know that these chemical sweeteners are harmful to our bodies.

When your body processes these chemical sweeteners it stimulates sweet cravings that inevitably ruin your precious diet you were trying to save. The science now says that artificial sugar substitutes actually affect the body in negative ways and may be more harmful than we ever thought.



Aspartame is the most widely used artificial sweetener in diet sodas and may be the worst overall. This sweetener once ingested slowly turns chemically into a compound that resembles formaldehyde, the chemical used for embalming dead bodies. Basically this chemical reaction starts to preserve your body from the inside out, and not in a good way. People who drink aspartame in their sodas are more likely to be over weight, a study by the FDA states.


Ways to ditch it

Quitting anything that you have become accustomed to is never easy so here are four great techniques to ditching diet soda for good.



If caffeine is what you are missing most, try switching out your diet soda for coffee. You can make some pretty delicious coffee drinks with no artificial sweeteners. Black coffee has virtually zero calories so anything you add won’t ruin your diet. Keep it simple and try some natural sweeteners like honey or raw sugar.

Some healthy almond or soy milk makes a tasty coffee beverage that can be enjoyed hot or over ice.


Add a little sugar

Instead of all these weird chemicals you ingest, try some all-natural sweeteners. A small spoonful of sugar is only 30 calories, and a little bit can go along way. Try some natural fruit juices to add that sweet flavor you seek. Honey is a great sweetener and local honey can help you with allergies and illnesses. How about trying sweeteners like agave or maple syrup next time you want a sweet treat. These natural choices should satisfy any sweet tooth you may have without introducing a scary amount of chemicals into your diet.


Green tea

Green tea is such a healthy drink, it should be drank daily. Filled with antioxidants and caffeine, this seems like the perfect diet soda substitute. Step away from the chemical filled diet sodas and try some all-natural drinks like green tea. Celebrate your taste bud switch the refreshing green tea elixir.


Sparkling water

A great soda substitute is definitely sparkling water. The trendiest drinks around right now, there are plenty of brands to choose from. If money is an issue, try a soda-stream to make your own varieties of carbonated waters.


Let’s break our sugar addictions and steer clear from these dangerous chemical filled diet sodas.