Did The Solar Eclipse Damage Your Eyes?

Oops, you forgot to buy the special glasses but you were determined not to be denied this awesome opportunity to watch a solar eclipse. So instead of cutting up a cereal box or asking to borrow a friend’s glasses, you decided just to stare right at the sun for a good five to six hours because you forgot to check when the eclipse was supposed to happen and you don’t want to miss it.

Today your eyes feel a bit funny and you can’t quite see as well as you used to. Did you damage your peepers while staring at the sun? It is very possible. Here are the many important signs you need to look for to tell if the eclipse has caused some serious damage to your eyes.


You Sun Burned Your Eyes

Yes, this is real and can really happen. No, that doesn’t mean you should rub some sunscreen in your eyes next time you go outside, sunglasses with UV protection work just fine. But if you get a sunburn on your retina, known in the medical field as solar retinopathy, the center of your vision will turn into a gray or black spot. If this is happening to you then you are probably having problems reading and driving. You will still be able to see out of the side of your eyes but not the center, so you won’t technically be blind. Still, though, I’d get a ride to the doctor and get my eyes checked out.


Look For The Signs

The main signs that you have an eye ouchie are blurriness, color distortion, afterimages, blind spots and vision loss. So basically if your peepers aren’t peeping correctly then you screwed up. Obviously, you will know if your eyes are badly injured if you’ve gone blind, but if you’re just suffering from these issues, it’s still worthwhile to go get your eyes checked out.


Don’t Worry About A Headache

Sure a headache is always something to be worried about, but it is not directly correlated with eye damage. If you’re head hurts it may be a sign, but if you’re not experiencing any other symptoms you’re most likely fine. Drink some water and take some ibuprofen and see if that makes your headache go away.


Signs of Injury May Come Late

If you have injured your eyes you might notice right away. Sometimes, however, the symptoms take up to 24 hours to appear. So if you woke up this morning and notice your vision is blurry then it might not be from staring at your lava lamp, it may be from staring at the eclipse. Pay attention to your eyes and how they’re doing to make sure that they’re not injured.


If They’re Damaged That’s It

Usually, if you hurt your eyes it’s permanent.  Occasionally the damage is repaired by itself but there is nothing doctors can do to try to repair the cells in your eyes. They may be able to give you steroids or other medicine that will help your eyes repair themselves but if it’s majorly damaged then you messed up, dude. Also, I have no idea how you’re reading this article.