In the pursuit of healthy, clear skin we do some crazy things to our faces. From expensive products to sketchy techniques, skin care is a dangerous place to experiment with, especially on our face. Let’s look at some of the worst products and applications you can do to your face. Dermatologists wouldn’t recommend any of these harmful products so you should avoid them at all costs.



Loofahs or puffy sponges can be terrible for your face but people use them everyday. Getting the word out about how damaging they can be needs to be done. STOP using these abrasive tools on your soft, precious face. Your facial skin is too sensitive for the rough loofah and even the less abrasive poofy puffs. They also can attract bacteria form just hanging around in the shower all the time, so let’s keep these off our faces.   They can also irritate acne and eczema so you may be doing more harm than good. What ever happened to just using an old school washcloth? The softness of the cotton cloth makes for the perfect wipe on your face. Use the loofah on your body where it belongs.


At-home Chemical Peels

Chemical peels should be used by trained professionals and not by people at home. Allergic reactions and other terrible side effects can occur or you can just misuse the product altogether. Online retail has made this an epidemic as people can now purchase medical grade chemical facial peels to use at home. These unlicensed medical grade peels are often unregulated and extremely strong. More and more people are getting serious burns on their faces and are doing irreversible damage to their precious facial skin.


Abrasive Facial Scrubs

Stop using these abrasive facial scrubs on your face, you don’t need them. Most people use them to treat acne, but news flash, you can’t scrub away acne, and it just doesn’t work that way. Let’s stop listening to advertising pitches and follow the science. Instead use a creamy facial wash to softly scrub the dirt, makeup and gunk off your face without agitating the skin. Grab a handy dandy washcloth and use the creamy face wash to gently wipe away any gunk leftover.


Collagen Filled Moisturizers

Collagen is too large of a molecule to actually do any good on your face. Your pores won’t get cleaned and you are essentially paying a high price for moisturizer.   Stick with proven science and stop listening to false advertising claims made by a company. Another technique to master is ignoring the price tag and look for helpful reviews in publications you trust. Just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean it’s better. Do your research before you put something on your face.


Micro Needling Devices

This just seems like a bad idea for anyone to do at home.   Micro needling is essentially putting tons of tiny holes on your face. This process takes away from your skin’s effectiveness as a barrier against disease and infection.


Avoid harm on your sensitive facial skin and you’ll notice it results.