Cute Dog Teaches Unemployed Man About Life

Tyler Hudson is a man who loves to make videos on youtube and then spend the rest of his days on the couch. He currently does not have a job and he was feeling pretty unfulfilled by that. Everyone knows what that is like when you have nothing to do during the day you often feel totally lost and aimless. It’s almost as if you are floating in space and it can be a very frustrating position to be in. Tyler Hudson was feeling frustrated by his lack of direction until he took a nice long look at his dog, and he learned something.


Tyler Hudson has a super cute German shepherd named Mosby that was currently Tyler’s whole world and one day when he was watching Mosby he had a stunning realization. He realized that Mosby lived a life that was extremely similar to his. They eat at the same time, sleep at the same time and do pretty much everything together. They lived their lives in a remarkably similar fashion except for one major difference, Mosby seemed happy while Tyler was feeling burdened.

Tyler was puzzled by the fact that one of them felt frustrated while the other was worry-free. How was Mosby able to live such a fun and carefree life? Well, Mosby doesn’t seem to sweat the small stuff. He is just a dog who is happy to be alive and that is precisely the part of life that Tyler Hudson is overlooking. He should try to appreciate life and not let the rest of what’s going on around him distract him from that fact.


Tyler eventually wondered what it would be like if Mosby actually had to work to support himself. He thought maybe that would help him when he’s looking for his next job. Too often Tyler had settled for whatever came his way and took the first job offered to him. This always leads to Tyler feeling burnt out and frustrated so he would quit, only to be unemployed and upset once again. Mosby, he guessed, would not jump into the first job he found, but instead, would wait until he ran into a job that he knew would be fulfilling. I don’t know what that would be, maybe a job at a butt-sniffing factory.



Tyler informed us that Mosby is not perfect. He is not happy because he’s never made a mistake in his life. He’s tried and failed multiple times and lost motivation a ton. But instead of getting frustrated and wondering what is wrong with his life, he just lays down on a pillow and moves on to the next thing. That is a really admirable quality that more human beings should try to integrate into their lives. Tyler looked at his dog and realized he should be living a lot more like Mosby and a lot less like Tyler.
People can find motivation in the oddest places, as long as your mind and heart are open who knows where inspiration will strike.