When you get married and have a child it is easy to let things get a bit out of control. That’s what happened to the high school sweethearts, Amber and Bo. These two were inseparable right when they met and they knew that their lives were destined to be together. Amber was happy about it and so was Bo, they were truly perfect partners. When they got married and pregnant they both started to put on weight. Having a baby does a crazy thing to a woman’s body and when you’re dealing with that all day long, it is common to just want to pig out because that’s the only option you have when it comes to trying to relieve stress. Before you know it, these high school sweethearts were in desperate need of a makeover for their entire life.


The husband usually joins in with the wife because when you see someone wolfing down delicious snacks it’s extremely hard not to dive in as well. The two started plowing down unhealthy food and their weight began to take off. At their heaviest Bo weighed 357 and Amber weighed 363 pounds.
Being that big took a serious toll on themselves and their relationship. They had no energy, no sex life and that’s when they started discussing the possibility of divorce. These two knew they were meant to be together so once divorce came up they decided that it was time to make a lifestyle change so they could renew the spark in their relationship.


Instead of giving in to the frustrations around them and getting a divorce, they decided to start watching what they ate and began to eat healthily and exercise. The first thing they did was simply cut red meat out of their diet which helped them lose 30 pounds almost immediately. Then they added fitness to their plan and the pounds started to fly away.
They lost weight so fast that it was almost impossible to keep up with. All their clothes were too big and when they bought new clothes it would immediately be too big as well. They weren’t able to buy new clothes all the time either thanks to the two kids that they were taking care of.


Eventually, Rachel Ray caught wind of their story and decided to help this awesome family out. She took this rocking mom and dad on the show and gave each of them an astounding makeover that blew both of them away. Finally, they had the look that matched their new bodies and they could take a step back and really reflect on the awesome progress they have made for their bodies and lives in general thanks to this awesome makeover. These kids are lucky to have such fantastic parents and these parents are lucky to have such a fantastic new look. It just goes to show you how working out and dieting can really change your entire life and make you feel a whole lot better. This couple has a new lease on life thanks to their hard work and dedication.