Common Dieting Myths Debunked

Dieting has become so difficult because of all the false information floating around and it’s beginning to get frustrating. What dieting myths should we believe and which are just urban legends passed around gym locker rooms like a common cold. All this misinformation is almost enough to make you break your diet and cave to your cravings but stay strong. Let’s explore the dieting myths that are most commonly mistaken and see what the real deal is.


Breakfast is a must

When starting a diet you will hear everyone telling you how important it is to eat breakfast, but is that really important? Sure eating a healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to get the day started but is skipping breakfast really going to affect the scale? Researchers believe that breakfast has little to do with your overall weight and actually skipping it may help you drop a few pounds.


Carbs are bad

Losing weight and eating carbs, what are you crazy?

Yes and carbs aren’t the evil monster everyone makes them up to be. You can eat anything as long as you do it in small portions. Sure white flower and sugar are the devil, I’m not debating that, but there are some good carbs out there that have tons of nutrients. Its important to eat healthy carbs like quinoa, faro and whole grain rice, these, in smaller portions are great.


Fat is bad

As long as you are eating unsaturated fats like olive oils, avocados and fish you are doing just fine. These healthy fats are great for your skin and have plenty of helpful vitamins. Remember the best diets are well balanced so you get a full assortment of nutrients.


Drinking anything can hydrate you

Not all drinks are created equal; water is the only drink that really quenches your thirst without any added calories. Just because water is in things like iced tea, soda, juice and coffee, they are not nearly as good as just plain old water. Water is life and it’s important to remember that. Try and drink a gallon of water a day and you will be on the right track.


No late night eating

As long as you aren’t eating too many calories in your daily intake, it doesn’t matter when you eat. Sure late night eating is bad if y9ou are eating garbage calories and you are already over your daily amount. As long as you are sticking to your caloric intake, you can eat all of your calories at night if you wish.


Low fat and fat free are good for you

We need to stop eating all these low fat/no fat foods and realize that sugar, not fat is our enemy. You are getting fat because of our massive intake of sugar, which is automatically turned, into the bad kind of carbs by our bodies. This influx of sugar causes your insulin to spike and your body begins storing fat, that’s why we are overweight.


Remember that these myths are just that, myths. Stay on your diet path and a life full of health awaits.