Catfished Woman Finds Love With Her Dream Man Afterall

The popular MTV show “Catfish” has been on television for multiple seasons. In this super successful show Neve and Max the people who believe that their online relationships are not really what they seem. A lot of profiles on the internet are completely faked and a lot of people have been “catfished” or tricked for a long time believing they were talking to someone they really weren’t. That’s what happened to Emma Perrier, a 33-year-old woman, but when she finally got a hold of the real man behind the pictures she fell in love with, everything changed.


Emma Perrier had a devastating breakup with her boyfriend. She was really sad and looking to find someone else to spend her time with. She worked long hours at her job so it was hard for her to get out and meet someone new. This led her to decide to sign up for the highly-popular dating app named Zoosk. She uploaded some great photos of herself and wrote a short biography as the app demands. When she signed up she was surprised to find that she got a lot of different messages from men almost immediately. Most of the men she met were not really her type until she stumbled onto a guy that she could not look away from.


The man’s name was Ronnie and he seemed to be exactly what Emma was looking for. He was smart, easy to talk to, funny and most of all he was super hunky. Emma did not let the fact that Ronnie lived 100 miles away deter her, she felt an immediate spark and wanted to get to know him better. She looked him up on facebook and found the exact same photos there that were on his dating app. She thought she was the luckiest girl in the world. Unfortunately, she soon found out that she was talking to someone who looked nothing like the pictures.


Emma was being catfished and this broke her heart. She searched the image, which is a tactic that Neve and Max use all the time and she found the original facebook page where the photo came from. The man in the pictures real name was Adem Güzel. Emma decided to message Adem and let him know that someone stole his pictures to try and talk to women on the internet. Adem thanked Emma for exposing this online fraud and the two kept trading messages for a while after that.


Eventually, Adem decided to hop on a plane and fly from Turkey to England so that he could meet Emma in real life. Instantly the two fell in love. Emma found the real man behind her internet crush and they soon fell hopelessly in love. Adem visits her for six months at a time in London and the two are making their incredible larger than life relationship work. Emma started out being incredibly disappointed but her hard work eventually led to her finding the real man of her dreams.