Burn more Calories than Running with these Exercises

Running is a great way to exercise and mentally center yourself because it involves a lot of alone time. Where running is a great way to lose weight, it’s not the best way to burn calories. High intensity interval training has been proven to burn way more calories per hour than running. This is true because running becomes stagnant over time where interval training doesn’t allow your body to become comfortable. Let’s examine some awesome exercises you can do that burn way more calories per hour than just plain old running. Add these routines to your workout regiment to diversify and keep your body guessing what’s next.


Cross-country Skiing

Now not all of us can get out and slap on some cross-country skis because the weather isn’t permitting, but most gyms have ski machines, so you have no excuses. This awesome activity burns on average 850 calories per hour. Running on the other hand burns an average of 660 calories per hour while on a 10-minute mile pace. You have to understand that if you wish to burn this level of calories, you must be pushing yourself. You can’t half-ass this workout and expect to burn that amount of calories. If you want to reap the rewards, you better be prepared to push yourself to new limits each and every workout.


Indoors Cycling

Taking spin classes are excellent ways to get a great workout and be motivated during the class. A good spin instructor will get you to push yourself to new limits each class. An advanced spin class can burn upwards of 950 calories per hour and that’s one hell of a workout. Finding a good spin class shouldn’t be hard, just ask around your gym or look to see which class is the sweatiest afterwards.


Jump rope

Jumping rope is how boxers get their cardio up and that should tell you something. A good hour of jump rope can burn up to 800 calories. The key to these extra calories is the high intensity and the fact that your arms are getting a good workout too. You are literally doubling down on workouts by involving your arms.



Find your gym’s rowing machine and get ready for a great workout. An hour of high intensity work on a rowing machine can easily burn 800 plus calories and hour. Rowing can strengthen your back as well, which as we all know needs help the older we get.



Now we are talking some fun workouts with kickboxing. Try a kickboxing class to get an excellent workout and some self-defense skills. Martial arts are awesome ways to burn up to 700 calories per hour while learning some sort of self-defense. You’ll get cardio, strength and discipline out of these workouts.



Swimming is the best all-around exercise you can do period and it has almost zero shock impacts on your joints. If you are having pain with other workouts, give swimming a try. You can burn up to 700 calories per hour while having almost zero chances of serious injuries.


Try these workouts and diversify your routines for optimum results.