If you haven’t already learned it, meal prepping is the best way to maintain a healthy diet without any of the downfalls of our fast paced lives. It’s very common to be running late and hungry so you make poor decisions on food. Your diet takes a hit, the pounds add up and next thing you know you are 20 pounds overweight and headed for trouble. Let’s look at ways to make meal prep easy and more efficient.


Check Your Supplies

Before making a list and going to the grocery store, you should scour your fridge and pantry to see what’s hiding in there. Checking inventory is an excellent way to save money and use all your resources and keep food waste to a minimum. We lose track of what’s in our freezer and pantry all the time, how often have you literally said to yourself, “Oh, I forgot I had…”?


Bulk Bins

Check out the bulk bins at your grocery store to get the exact amount of certain items without wasting money. Instead of buying a large amount of lentils when you will never use the rest, just buy what you need and keep it moving.


Meatless Monday

Cutting the amount of meat we eat is always a good option; you can get good protein form plenty of other alternatives. Use meatless Mondays to get creative in your meal prep and save money by not buying meat. Meat ends up being the largest expense in most meals so cutting it out will save you big bucks.


Freezer Friendly

When making something that can be scaled up, I try and make large batches and freeze the leftovers. When making a spaghetti sauce, I tend to make extra so next time I want it, all I have to do is heat it up.   Freezing items can keep the nutrients and freshness for long periods of time, so use your freezer smartly.


Cook Seasonally

Often times you can’t get certain items because they aren’t in season, so shop seasonally and save big. Don’t buy strawberries out of season because they are much more expensive, instead find a substitute that’s in season.


Pickle baby

Pickling preserves veggies for super long periods of time so take advantage and try out pickling yourself. You can pickle a wide variety of foods from cucumbers to eggs, so give it a whirl.


Frozen staples

Frozen fruit and veggies will save you big time and you won’t lose much in the flavor department. Freezing fruits and veggies lock in the freshness and allow you to eat out of season foods whenever you want.


Breakfast for dinner

I personally love breakfast for dinner and it is usually the cheapest meal of the week. If you want to save big, simply eat breakfast once a week for dinner. Eggs are cheap and great sources of protein, so they will fill you up and give you tons of energy. Pancakes are super cheap to make and delicious for dinner.


Meal prepping is essential to eating healthy and on the cheap. Save big and eat healthy my friends.