Yes, that same Britney Spears sold a painting for $10,000 to benefit the Las Vegas Shooting victims. Am I the only person that finds this headline odd? The pop star actually did something great by donating her time and obvious artistic skill to a great cause.

Britney Spears did a really good thing and people are treating her like she is George W Bush and is painting happy little trees to make up for his horrible war crimes. She is not and I am not aware of any war crimes she committed, although her 2007 album, “Blackout” was a total disaster worthy of a FEMA cleanup.

OK, so Britney Spears may not be the next Salvador Dali but her cute little watercolor of some innocent little flowers is possibly the greatest thing she has ever done. The best part of this story is, the painting was bought by none other than “lifestyles of the Rich and Famous'” Robin Leach.

Are you telling me that a luminary such as Robin Leach wouldn’t have some serious knowledge of art, you are crazy. He may have been donating the money to a good cause but he also got a sweet painting to hang on his mantle. The story alone is well worth the price of admission.

The sad thing is that people are using this as a reason to attack Britney Spears. I don’t think she is seriously thinking about a career in painting, she has a pretty successful show on the Vegas Strip and makes a pretty good living.

Leave Britney alone you savages, this is the one time you can’t get in her case, this is actually a positive news story about her. You just know that Kevin Federline is trying out painting as you read this, hoping to jump on that Britney bandwagon one more time…

After her painting sold at the Vegas Cares auction, she told reporters, “The flowers in my painting represent a new beginning, and it’s in that spirit that we move forward.”

Whatever you think of her painting talents or Britney’s talents in general, this is one case where you should just accept her trying to do a good thing. Las Vegas suffered a serious tragedy and she stepped up to help out and you can’t laugh at a 10,000 donation.