If you’re looking to lose some weight then you’re looking for any advantage that you can give yourself. You don’t eat after it gets dark, you give up snacking and you even threw all of your ice cream in the trash. It was sad, but you did it for your body’s sake. Now that you’ve worked so hard you’re still searching for an extra advantage that can help take your diet over the top.
Well don’t worry, we know some metabolism boosting foods that will help take your diet over the top naturally. So, give these awesome foods a try and burn fat faster thanks to your new found higher metabolism.



Egg Whites
Amino acids are known to get that metabolism moving and grooving and the good news is egg whites are chocked full of them. Also, eggs are full of protein which is always good and they’re a great source of vitamin d. If you’re looking to lose weight, go Rocky-style and put down some eggs, just be sure to cook them first. Drinking raw eggs is a little bit savage and can lead you to get sick. While you might lose weight when you’re sick, you definitely will be miserable. Being sick is not an effective weight loss method.



Lean Meat
Find some mean that’s low in fat and your metabolism will start cranking away. If you don’t have enough iron in your system then your metabolism will slow down and you’ll be packing the pounds on in no time. So make sure your full of vitamins and minerals so your body can focus on what it really does best, burning fat. Look to chicken or cereals that are high in iron and eat three to four servings a day just to make sure that you get all the iron that you need every day.



If your body doesn’t get enough water then your organs won’t function the way they’re supposed to, which means a slower metabolism. If you want your metabolism to hit its peak then make sure you drink cold water since it takes your body more time to heat it up which burns calories. Now the liquid you drink is a calorie burning exercise and your metabolism will become an unstoppable force that can’t be contained!


Chili Peppers
Capsaicin is a chemical compound that is found naturally in chili peppers. When Capsaicin hits your body then your metabolism starts working overtime. Spicy might not be your favorite flavor, but eating just one tablespoon of chili peppers a day can really help your body burn off some fat.


Ah, coffee, what can’t it do? If you drink coffee you are more likely to have a higher average metabolic rate than if you don’t. Now, when you wake up in the morning think about all the calories you can be burning while getting caffeinated. Jack your metabolism up while you jack yourself up. Now that’s what I call a win-win.