Beware of These Symptoms of Overtraining

This is the time of year where everyone is pushing themselves to burn those extra pounds we packed on, but also a time when people over train. It can be pretty detrimental to your overall health when you over train, so make sure you are aware of the symptoms. I won’t discuss the obvious ones like prolonged muscle soreness or constant injury. Instead, I’ll lay out some lesser known symptoms and ways to get around overtraining your body.

Overtraining isn’t just a physical issue, you certainly can overwork your mind and nervous system. Most commonly our joints and muscles will face the brunt of injuries but you may incur psychological issues as well. It’s important to take time off and mentally recoup as well as physically recover.

Seriously, overtraining can be dangerous and certainly counterproductive to all your hard work. So don’t over train, but if you do, here are some warning signs.



Sleep is so important to our bodies. It’s the time when we physically recover from workouts and our bodies need these “quiet “ times for proper rehabilitation. Insomnia can be a sign that you are physically and mentally over worked. If you have insomnia symptoms related to extended workouts, maybe take a day or two off.


Ravenous Thirst

We all are thirsty when we workout, but of you just can’t quench your thirst, you may be over training. A great way to combat this is to eat some carbohydrates and protein right after you workout. Your body will need water rot breakdown these foods and you won’t feel thirsty if the water is being used properly.


Sick Often

Getting sick often is not good for anyone and certainly not good for your physical fitness. Constantly getting sick is definitely a sign that your body is struggling and may be overworked.   Exercise should be helping strengthen your immune system, but over working often does the opposite. Once again, take a day or two off to recover and not be sick before you workout again.


Plateau Physically

Often when we plateau physically we immediately push harder, but sometimes that doesn’t work. We plateau because our body hasn’t had a chance to recover properly, so we can’t improve when we haven’t recovered. Simply put, if you feel stuck, switch it up instead of going harder.



Headaches can be caused by multitude of things but if they happen during a period of time when you are pushing it hard, you may have over trained. Dehydration and exhaustion are both symptoms of overtraining and causes of headaches. If you get a headache, don’t just pop an Advil and keep going, take a breather and give it a day or two rest.


Changes in Personality

Feeling depressed after a workout is the emotion. Endorphins released during working out give you senses of euphoria, nit depression. So, if you are depressed after a workout, you are probably over training and need a break. Mentally and physically you are just tired, so give it some time.


What should I do if I’m over training?

If you think you are over training, just take some time off. Maybe take a week off from your training and try to meditate or do yoga. Any non-impact exercises could help. Swimming is an excellent low-impact workout that will help you relax. When you do get back into training, try to stitch it up some. Don’t jump right back into your routine, instead try a new workout plan altogether.


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