Better Butter Substitutes

Butter has been vindicated as low fat diets are now being debunked. We can enjoy butter once again without the constant guilt we had to suffer before. I’m not telling you to load up your popcorn with butter at the movies, because portion control is still an issue.

Butter isn’t miraculously great for you , it’s just not as bad as we all once thought.  The one thing we do know is that margarine and its trans fat friends are bad and we can get rid of those forever, or at least until new data surfaces.

Here are a few butter replacements for when your butter runs out and you need a substitute. You can still use butter all you want, but you never know when you may run out, so it’s best to know what to grab, just in case. What can I say, I was a Boy Scout, and so I’m always prepared.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can and will be your best friend in the kitchen. It is really a versatile oil and it just has great taste. Much like butter, olive oil can be drizzled over your popcorn or used to lube up your frying pan. When cooking at high heat, make sure you use light olive oil, as it has a higher smoking point and is more cost effective. Reserve your more expensive extra virgin olive oil for your salads or for mixing into your veggie compotes. Olive Oil can be baked and switched out for butter into any recipe, so make sure you have some stocked in your pantry.


Yea, I said bacon people. America’s love affair with bacon continues as the tasty pork treats fat can be subbed for butter in many recipes. Bacon fat is versatile and delicious, so why not cook your eggs in it? You can store bacon fat easily in your fridge for a quick addition to any meal. I love to cook my burger in bacon grease, adding a slight bacon taste. 


Applesauce is a great butter sub when baking. It adds a natural sweetness and adds pectin, a powerful antioxidant. A healthy tip is to lower the sugar in a recipe if you swap applesauce for butter, this will lower the calories.


Hey, did you know that avocados are fruit? Well, you learn something everyday. Avocados can be an amazing butter substitute in certain situations. I’m not saying lay some down in a frying pan and cook some eggs on avocado, but I am saying spread it on toast instead of butter. Also try swapping butter with avocado when baking. Just substitute it one for one and enjoy a much healthier baked treat.

Greek Yogurt

The Greek yogurt trend continues, as this food is super hot right now.   Try replacing butter with plain Greek yogurt when baking for a healthy touch. Greek yogurt also adds some great protein to your baked goods with this nice butter substitution.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is all the rage now in healthy eating. Coconut oil is great for your hair, skin and nails as well as a perfect butter substitute. Its high in saturated fat but now we know that this is a good fat. This is the wonder twin to butter as it is similar in almost every aspect. Replace butter in all your cooking and baking needs with coconut oil and enjoy every bite.


Any good kitchen should have these butter replacements on hand for all your culinary needs.



Photos courtesy of ComicVine, SouthernLiving, pinterest, CA Avocado, CorkandSpoon