Best Workouts For Your Wrists (That’s Right, I Said Wrists!)

OK, just hear me out. I know what you’re thinking. “Wrist strength? Why on Earth would I care about wrist strength?” Well, maybe it’s because wrists are an important part of some of your favorite workouts! Push-ups, burpees, Planks and other yoga poses, pull-ups, mountain climbing and many, many more.

And if wrists go ignore, they can easily develop problems. We’ve all probably felt various degrees of wrist pain at times. That can only increase if you don’t strengthen your wrists. And before you know it you won’t be able to do your workout of choice because it just hurts your wrist too much. So try out these simple workouts to keep those wrists strong.


I’ll start you off with something super simple and easy. All you need is two tennis balls. Hold them in your hands and squeeze them as hard as you can for at least five seconds, or ten max. Then repeat that five times. As your wrists start to get stronger, you can increase your reps to ten.


Continuing with the simple stuff to start you off, here. Just get some small hand weights – five to ten pounders are good. However, f you feel any sort of painful strain on your wrist while doing this, you can even do it with nothing in your hands to get started and work up to the weights. 

Start by holding the weights in your hand with your palms facing up. Then curl upwards while keeping the rest of your arms stationary – just bending at the wrist – and do three sets of ten. Then rotate your wrists so that your palms are facing down and do another three sets of ten, still curling your wrists upwards.


This one is a bit of a double-edged sword. It can be great for your wrists when done right, and terrible for them when done wrong. Most importantly, you need to make sure that your shoulders are lined up with your hands so that they’re right on top of them, and your fingers are pointed forward. You also want to avoid locking your elbows, press down through your hands and push up through your shoulder blades.

Start from lying flat on the ground and bring your hands under your shoulders. Lift yourself up, keeping your back as flat and in a straight line as possible, and tighten your core. Hold that for about 30 seconds, but as it gets easier, you can add 5 seconds at a time. No need to go higher than a 60-second hold, however.


You may know this stretch by one of its other yoga names, Upward Plank and Intense East. Regardless of what you know it as it’s a sneaky great workout for your wrists. And just like it’s sister move, the Front Plank, it’s obviously great for your core too.

Start in a sitting position with your legs in front of you and put your hands behind you with your fingers pointing towards your hips. From there, push through your hands and feet, lifting your hips until your back is nice and straight. Hold this for five breaths and then slowly sit back down while keeping your chin low to avoid spine or neck injury. Repeat this another two or three times.


I saved the best and most obvious for last. This is literally just stretching out your wrists too keep them limber and strong. It’s also an easy stretch to sneak into your daily yoga routine if you’re a yoga-head.

Start by sitting on your heels, and then place your hands on the ground in front of you with your fingers pointed toward your knees. At this point, the stretch will feel too intense or not intense enough for many. If you want a more intense stretch, just lean back until you feel it. But if you want to pull it back a bit, sit up off your heels a bit and lean forward. Hold the stretch for about 10-15 seconds.