Best Ways to Save Big at the Grocery Store

Everyone needs to eat and unless you are wealthy, continuously eating out isn’t an option. We need to shop at grocery stores but we don’t need to spend tons of money to get quality foods. I’m not going to bore you with talk of cutting coupons or lowering the quality of food you consume, instead I found creative ways to lower your food budget. Shop smart and effectively and you too can lower your total food budget substantially.


Store-Brands are Cheaper

Name brand foods are just that, a brand that spends way too much money on advertising. Why pay for advertising when you can find great deals on store-brand items at a fraction of the cost. Buy store-brands and save big while not lowering the quality of your food.

Multiple Stores

Shop for deals and not convenience by going to multiple stores. Every store has different deals depending on their current stock, so shop smart by going to different stores. Sure it’s easier to just get everything at one grocery store, but saving money isn’t always easy and if it were easy, everyone would do it.

Meal Plan and List

Having a plan is always better than just winging it, ask any smart, successful people.   Meal planning will stop you from wasting money on items that aren’t necessities. By planning out your weekly meals, you also have an exact list of what you’ll need to make all these meals. Lists are just more efficient and isn’t that what life is about, being better at everything for optimum results.  

Meatless Options

Meat is a huge expense that could be lessened if you add a few meatless meals a week into your life. As long as you are getting enough protein, who needs meat every meal? Try introducing a bean heavy dinner and save huge.


When something is on sale, buy it and maybe a few extra if it isn’t perishable. Certain items store well at home like pasta and meat so buy these in bulk or whenever they are on sale.

Only Certain Items in Bulk

We buy in bulk because we think it’s a good deal but too often stuff goes unused and is thrown away. Only buy items in bulk that you know for sure you will use, like toilet paper, olive oil, rice, oatmeal and other non-perishables.

Bulk Bins

Bulk bins are amazing for those small items you need for recipes like a few nuts or dried fruits. These are also great to steal a few snacks while you shop… mmm good.

Canned Foods

Canned foods are also a great way to save money by shopping smart.   Beans and tuna are great examples of cost saving items that are still high quality. Canned beans are also just so much more convenient than dried ones.

Frozen Veggies/Fruits

Frozen fruits and veggies can save you mega bucks at the grocery store. When they are frozen, all the healthy nutrients are trapped and ready to be released once unfrozen.



Stop by the butcher department to see what’s on sale and what scraps they have. When you only need a half-pound of hamburger for a recipe, why buy a whole pound when you can get exactly what you need from the butcher.


Saving big at the grocery store isn’t rocket science; it’s much easier than you ever thought.